11 tips on how to make the most out of your mornings

Health,Lifestyle,personal,18 February 2018

Never ever go to bed without washing your face! It has a greater effect on your skin than you think and your evening routine helps you calm down, care for yourself and clean off the day.

Air out your bedroom and create a cozy environment to sleep in. Cool and fresh air makes it easier to calm down and fall asleep and clean sheets is true luxury.

Don’t overdo on the salt at night. Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks, but as I’m sensitive to salt I blow up easily. I feel much better in the morning when I eat something healthy before I go to bed. I try to stick to eating quite neutral tastes because I find that strong spices disturb my sleep.

Skip alcohol. If you feel better without alcohol in your life don’t be afraid to quit drinking completely.  At least cutting down a little probably doesn’t hurt anyone?

Less screen time at night. Yeah, yeah, it’s easier said than done, but I notice a big difference in the quality of my sleep if I expose myself to screen time before going to bed. Podcasts or audio books are much better options for me.

Go to bed on time and wake up earlier than you have too and forbid yourself to hit the snooze button! Waking up without feeling stressed is the best feeling in the world and the greatest start to a new day. Light a candle, listen to the radio and do your morning routine without being in a rush. Remind yourself that it won’t take you more than five minutes to feel awake. Even 10 minutes extra gives me a more harmonic start to my day and mood.

Shower in the morning. This is of course very individual, but my day gets a much better start if I take time to shower in the morning. I feel fresh and clean and ready to take on the day. It’s weird how much energy only that gives me.

Wake up to a clean and organized environment. The thought of dirty dishes and toys everywhere gives me anxiety; therefore, I try to clean up at night so I can wake up to a new day with peace of mind.

If you’re feeling stressed out at night write down your thoughts and to-do’s. Collecting your thoughts on paper makes it easier to let go and calm down.

Make the bed! When I was a child my mum was anal about making the beds every morning. If the bed isn’t made when I get home at the end of the day it makes me feel sloppy and lazy. I feel much more productive when I make the bed before leaving the house in the morning.

Start with the most critical thing that has to get done that day.” Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” -Mark Twain

Bra and shirt from KappAhl

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

snapshot diary with Huawei

Lifestyle,Travel,Work,16 February 2018

In collaboration with Huawei// Kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Huawein kanssa

In my work as an Influencer or whatever you choose to call it the tools I work with play an important role. I need and want to stay connected, available and always ready to catch the moment in case that’s something I feel you’d be interested in. I want to include my followers in my world of inspiration. Inspiration can be found everywhere at any time.

I’m so happy to finally kick start this collaboration with Huawei. I tried one of Huawei’s phones for the first time last Spring, where after I was intrigued by the quality of the phone, especially the camera and reached out to Huawei. Now I’m here, launching a collaboration with Huawei Mate 10 Pro. The excitement is real!

I decided to learn this phone and try it for some time to really get a hang of it. I’ve been photographing stills and different arrangements, people, videos, outfit pictures, food and everything in between. That’s when I got the idea to make this one day in Stockholm diary through the lens of Huawei. During this short stay I shot more than 15 outfit pictures, worked on collabs, went to meetings, attended an event and took pictures of the in-between moments. Those random snaps are the ones I wanted to collect here for you because I usually only share those well-planned moments.

Usually casual snap shots are much more interesting and relatable. When I pull out my phone for a picture the vibe is much more relaxed and casual than when I work with my system camera. The pressure is off and that’s what I wanted to achieve. Some of you might even remember that was one of my promises for myself for this year. More pictures of relaxed situations. This phone helps me achieve that.

Let me introduce you to Huawei 10 Mate Pro. This phone is equipped with a two-way camera by Leica! The color camera lens has 12 megapixels and the black and white-  20 megapixels. What amazes me the most is the possibility to shoot in pro mode, putting the camera in RAW, zoom digitally, use the OIS stabilizer and f/1,6 aperture. It also contains the Bokeh function which gives a blurry effect. Shooting in RAW mode is important especially if you like to edit your pictures. I always adjust the light, contrast and colors or filters in either Lightroom, VSCO or phone. You can edit your pictures using Huawei’s editing tools. I like to put on the enhanced colors for deeper color reception, but it offers you filters, tools to adjust lightning and colors and of course beauty filters for that perfect selfie :D. You can also film with a filter present. The camera contains the most important features I constantly use in my system camera which offers me great quality with much less effort. The phone is also dust and water resistant.

Another mentionable thing is the battery. Seriously, it never dies. During my two days in Stockholm it didn’t die once and I constantly used it! Literally an energy savior.

As this collaboration will continue, I’ll show you and compare the quality of the camera with my systems camera taking outfit pictures. Until next time!

Tänä syksynä Huawei julkisti uuden puhelimen Huawei 10 Mate Pro -puhelimen. Olen harjoitellut puhelimen käyttöä pitkin talvea ja ajattelin, että kuvapäiväkirja reissustani olisi hyvä tapa esitellä puhelimen kameran ominaisuuksia ja laatua. Kun kuvaan puhelimella fiilis ympärilläni pysyy paljon rennompana ja luonnollisena verrattuna siihen, kun kuvaan järjestelmäkameralla. Siksi halusin kuvata teille kuvia rennoista tilanteista joista en yleensä en rakenna postauksiani.

Huawein kaksoiskamera on Leican, jonsa värilinssissä on 12 megeapixeliä ja mustavalkoisessa 20mpixeliä. Kuvastessani RAW -tilassa varmistan, että kuvani sisältävät mahdollisimman paljon informaatiota. RAW -kuvia on helpompi muokata, jos niihin haluaa tuoda lisää valoa tai säädellä väriloistoa, kontrastia tai lisätä filtterin. Tämän kameran pro tila siis mahdollistaa sen, että kuvia voi kuvata RAW -tilassa aivan niin kuin järjestelmäkamerassa.

Huawein kameran asetuksista löytyy myös Bokeh -asetus, jonka avulla saa blurrattua taustan tai muutettua kuvan tarkennuspistettä. Tämän voi tehdä myös jälkeenpäin! Kamerassa on myös (OIS) kuvanvakain sekä f/1,6-aukko.

Kameran akku on myös todella hyvä ja se virtaa riittää ikuisuuden! Puhelin oli käytössäni koko matkan ajan enkä joutunut lataamaan sitä kertaakaan vaikka kuvasin videoita ja kuvia taukoamatta.

Yhteistyö Huawein kanssa jatkuu ja ensi kerralla vertailen puhelimen kameraa vs järjestelmäkameraani sekä niiden eroavaisuuksia.

All pictures taken with Huawei 10 Mate Pro