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Fashion,Lifestyle,1 August 2019

Cia Ciao! First full day of work and I even signed up for school! I don’t have much left but decided to slow down even more than I have these past few years. It’s like I don’t want it to come to an end, because I really don’t know what to study/do next J.

Today I’ve filmed a couple collaboration videos, tried products and just tried to get more organized, work-wise. I’ve tried to ignore the 55 e still unpacked bags in the hallway and disgusting (don’t know how many weeks old) bread crumbs underneath my feet. Really need to vacuum tomorrow! However, I did take one big bag full of summer treasures to Relove today for them to sell for me, so if you want to take a look visit Relove Freda.

Luckily, I got a little break in the sun while having lunch with Juuli. The chanterelle pasta was magical! Need to go back again soon.

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä


Fashion,Lifestyle,29 July 2019

These pictures speak for themselves. My boy and I are more or less constantly attached, and I’ve been trying to maximize physical contact with him, since he clearly needs it from me. My girl lost her second tooth and gets more independent day by day. She always flowers during summer and we enjoy following her development and growth. It’s amazing how two human beings can be so different even though they come from the same parents.

Our yesterday started with some horse therapy at the neighbors here at the cottage. They live right next to us and we can both see and hear them from the yard, which adds so much value to our stay here. Especially for the kids, who love feeding them hay and pet them. Preferably many times every day.

We are maximizing our time here by doing all kinds of activities. Yesterday we drove to a kid’s concert held nearby and spent a few hours jamming and swimming in the lake. Today we are doing more adventures before we return to the city to take care of some necessities as well as visit more relatives and friends. Also, I’m finally going to the hairdresser for a fresh haircut. Been pushing the appointment for weeks already, so now it’s finally time.

It’s been amazingly hot these past few days. Last night, I noticed that my fingers looked like sausages- so swollen from the heat! I almost got a bit scared, but it looks like it’s better today. I have a tendency to get really bloated and gather fluid when it’s hot (or during my pregnancies) so I need to keep hydrated and limit my salt intake when I start to swell up like a balloon :).

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