Hello from the PMS cave. Blogging in my condition is comparable to drunk texting. Not recommended. I’m almost positive I’ll regret most things I’ve done and said for the past few days. It’s like a 360° personality switch happens. From Happy Hippo to Negative Nelly. Everything feels heavy, grey and meaningless. No positive mantras or affirmations help and all I think of is existential questions. Darkness. Yoga heals any negativity-if I would have the energy and will to drag myself there.

On a brighter note, I’ve finally learned to understand the pattern which keeps my head above the water. PMS symptoms lived happily hided inside of me until I become a mother. Now I suffer an entire week each month. Eye roll on that.

Happy to soon reunite with my kids and husband. Comfort and love is the strongest form of medicine to this decease. Going to keep it short today so my mood doesn’t get contagious. All I know, is that the Avicii document and my mood wasn’t a good mix and that openness and transparency is golden.

Have a wonderful day you guys! Love

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

My yoga mantra

Fashion,Health,Outfit,29 April 2018

I overcame my fear by attending my first yoga class in a while this week. Last time I went I had to leave in the middle of the class because I started to feel nauseous. Hot yoga is the toughest form of exercise I know. You have to be and stay strong in every area. Mind and body. Tricky! My problem is usually the mind. To find concentration, peace and calmness in the middle of a hectic day with a to-do list that’s far from done with when I enter the hot and quiet room. It’s easy to get frustrated and irritated if the body doesn’t work with you how you want or expect it to. That frustration is what I find myself having to work on the most. “Stay calm, be kind to yourself and resist impulses” is my mantra I keep repeating. Easier said than done. This time, my practice went so well. I’m happy I went and a little break did me well.

Other than yoga, this week was full of fun events and most importantly, the pr agencies invited for pr days to see the new collections. Unfortunately, I had to prioritize school and my own projects this week, therefore I decided to pretend it’s just a regular week and resist the urge to mingle.

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä