let the gut be your filter

Health,17 November 2016

Hello you! I’m back home from a mini vacation with the family. We had a great time, but as always I love being home. Now I’m laying in bed eating chocolate while the kids are asleep. Perfection.

I love love love these pictures of Janita and I! She is little miss sunshine herself and lightens up any day. One thing I believe in is that so much can be achieved with the power of our own minds and actions. We have the tools to change many things in our lives. That is a gift to be thankful for. One thing I’ve started to re-think myself is what I invite, attract and surround myself with in my own life. I have amazing friends that I love. Both new and old ones. I cherish all the new relationships I’ve gotten. Who knew one could constantly tie amazing new friendships all through life? Wonder how many more inspiring and wonderful people I’ll get to know in the future? Hopefully many.


Lately I’ve made sure to apply this way of thinking also when it comes to social media. I choose to follow only people that make me feel good. It doesn’t matter how inspiring and good someone is at what he/she does or how many thousands of followers they have. The most important thing is to try to invite things into our lives that make us feel good and happy. Not pressure us to be a certain way, bring out feelings of jealousy and make us annoyed. It has to feel good deep down in the gut.


I’ve deleted many of the accounts I followed and will continue. It’s so easy and makes a huge difference! I’m tired of seeing picture perfect settings and lives, therefore I’ve started to follow new accounts that have something more than that. People that inspire me in new ways and bring something to the table that intrigues me.

Now ask yourself, should you detox too?


Pictures by Meri Autio

I kind of quit sugar

Fashion,Food,Health,Outfit,3 August 2016

Let’s face it. My choice of drugs are sugar and coffee. It might not be the worst way to achieve a high, but it is an addiction. I eat chocolate every day and without it I feel weird, discontent and restless. I simply can’t go a day without at least thinking about sweets and a day without coffee doesn’t exist in my world. A side from these substances I always prefer healthy foods and water is something I can’t get enough of.

IMG_8007 IMG_7954

August has arrived and is ongoing which means it’s time to get back into everyday routines. Also health wise. I’ve eaten way too many desserts and yummy treats this summer. So I’ve decided to check myself into rehab. Not from coffee (are you crazy?), but from sugar.

IMG_7972-2 IMG_7922

A few years back I followed a sugar detox program called I quit sugar by Sarah Wilson. I kept it up for a few months, but to be honest it’s quite a lot of work to completely avoid sugar in everything we eat. I need and want to be able to attend dinner parties, eat out and enjoy a piece of birthday cake every now and then. Moreover, lead by good example for my children not being too picky. Nevertheless, the program was really good for me then, but this time I just need to try to replace sweets with healthier options.


Something I always advised my health coaching clients was to make sure they eat properly and regularly, and if the sugar carvings still come always eat fruits and berries before attacking the bag of candy. If you every now and then still “need” the candy/ dessert go for it. We only live once right? At least you know you don’t completely fill up on the unhealthier option knowing you’ve eaten nutritious food to feed your hunger.


Now I’m saying stop to cinnamon buns, cake, cookies and cupcakes. A piece of chocolate here and there never hurt anyone, but I need to be honest with myself and make sure it doesn’t become an everyday habit once again. Also, instead of always drinking green sour smoothies. I will now treat myself with sweeter smoothies filled with berries, yoghourt, coconut and other wonderful soft tastes I enjoy. Maybe even chocolate :D!

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Pictures by Janita Autio