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Starting this week slowly and in the best way possible. Been single parenting for a week and today my other half is finally back. I’ve handled everything well and that I’m proud of. Being able to study, work and perform well at home is a handful, but sometimes manageable, it seems. Strict rules and routines for both me and the kids is what keeps us all sane. Here is a list of short and easy tips I try to follow to stay organized:

Set a bedtime. Not only for the kids, but most importantly for yourself. My bedtime is 10 pm sharp. By then I have to be in bed. Although, I allow myself to scroll through Instagram, read or listen to a podcast for fifteen minutes or so.

Make lists. Every night I make a list of my most important to- dos for the next day.

Focus. When it’s time to complete the tasks of the day I turn off everything. I don’t look at my phone and try to focus on what I need to be focusing on whether it’s school work, emails, blog or accounting.

Time off. When you’ve planned to be off mode, do so. I work when my kids are at daycare and with the nanny. When I pick them up I cook, play and try to be present. Of course, I also take care of chores at home, but I don’t work. When the kids are asleep for the night I open my lap-top and check off some more of my tasks for the day, but only for an hour or so.

Go out and invite friends over. Isolation is not my thing. I go crazy if I sit home for an entire day with the kids. No matter how tired or unsocial I feel I force myself to get out. Jumping in puddles, visit the library, shop groceries or invite to playdates. I love inviting friends over, but I have a rule not to put pressure on myself to clean before. No-one cares if it’s perfect or not. It never is anyways.

Minimize pressure. If life gets overwhelming I always downgrade and simplify. I choose to lower the standards and demands. When I’m alone I concentrate on the kids and try to work less. Luxury of being my own boss and an entrepreneur I know, but I let myself recharge and then I work twice as hard and much when I feel I can. When I have an exam week I order food or cook in larger batches and let the kids watch a movie. No-one is at their best hundred percent of the time. Good enough has to be and is good enough at times.

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Fall detox

Health,8 August 2017
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During summer I tend to simply enjoy life a little bit more than usual. Life slows down, I sit down and rest more, eat more and stress less. My everyday routines and habits change and I’m thankful for that. It’s my time to sit back and enjoy. However, now when it’s time to speed up the pace a bit I want to feel fresh and energetic again. So, I’ve made some small changes that help me get back on track and clear my mind as well as my body.

Go to bed early. My most important rule for myself is to go to bed at least one hour earlier. This for me is the best start towards a healthier life. I wind down earlier, sleep better, eat less crap during the evening and wake up feeling rested. I also crave less coffee and sugar during the day which is my biggest fight to concur.

Shower in the morning. I’ve always been someone who loves my morning showers. It’s the best way to wake up and gives me a clean and fresh feeling that stays with me all day. During summer I ofter go to sauna at night and fall asleep with wet hair. It has it’s own charm of course, but I still love the whole process of waking up before the kids and take my own precious time in the shower early in the morning.

Sweat it out. I am a firm believer that sweating in one way or another is super important. It has a clear impact on my skin, body and mind. It cleanses and detoxifies and helps me keep my back and neck in check. I like to “kill two birds with one stone” and exercise and sweat at the same time. Hot yoga is my all time favorite because it strengthens my body, forces me to breathe and slow down, works as therapy and sweats it all out.

Stay active. I am active everyday. Either I take a walk, exercise at the gym or choose the stairs. I’ve made myself a promise to always play with my children over sitting on a bench nearby. I always walk everywhere if my schedule allows and simply try to always choose the more active alternative.

Drinking more water. I am a very thirsty person but I haven’t always been good at drinking water. I’ve trained myself to become a master at keeping myself hydrated. Drinking water is crucial for every bodily function and by drinking enough we also minimize false cravings for food.

Detox. My detox is all about eating healthy and clean food. Lots of greens, berries, fruits and most importantly home cooked meals. I skip alcohol, pop, excessive salt, sweeteners and try my best to eat less sugar.

Relaxation in any way is cleansing. It cleans my head from clutter and negative thoughts and relaxation can be so many things. It can be anything from getting a pampering massage, evening out with friends, the possibility to sleep in or completely choose to ignore all the should’s and musts and stay home in bed, watch a movie and eat cake. Even the healthiest and most ambitious set of rules are meant to be broken every now and then.

How do you cleanse for fall?

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