PJ’s and hair loss

hair,personal,22 January 2018

Spent most of this weekend in my PJ’s. I haven’t felt like myself ever since I had the stomach flu and also, I realized I’ve lost a ton of hair lately. Might have something to do with changing hormone levels after breast feeding or the fact that I haven’t taken my vitamins in a while? I’ve lost hair like this once before when I worked myself to the point of exhaustion in Japan ten years ago. It never recovered, but now I’ve lost even more. It’s not as obvious as right after pregnancy when the shower clogs up and you literally see the hair coming off. It’s more like I don’t get any new ones and it just mystically disappears. It’s a superficial issue that has roots in something I quite can’t figure out right now. For the first time in a while I can’t even blame stress. Unless, it’s reacting on delay. Anyone with knowledge or similar experiences about this?

However, I can’t do anything about it right now and stressing about it certainly won’t help, but I’m not joking when I say my ponytail is the size of one finger. Something has happened. Do you know if any hair strengthening supplement is helpful?

Anyways, school started today and I’m excited to roll up my sleeves again. Feels really good actually. It gives me balance and structure and I enjoy working in my own little bubble and overcome barriers I’ve built for myself. I think I’m always going to study in one way or another. Hoping to take more creative courses in the future as well. Painting would be wonderful and super therapeutic. Definitely goals for the future!

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

love and care for hair

hair,30 November 2017

Just visited the hairdresser which made me think of the most obvious considering the surrounding- hair. I recently took part in a short interview about my hair philosophy where I shared my tips as well as my everyday hair sins.

I love hair and find good looking hair to be hard work and extremely unpredictable. You never know what you have to work with in the morning. I like my hair long and “airy”. It has to be wild and carefree. Just a parting too perfect makes me uncomfortable. I wish my face would look cute in a short bob. It doesn’t. I’m a bit obsessed with short hair because It’s like wearing a great outfit day after day, as it is a cool statement factor by its own.

My own hair philosophy is that hair should get lots of love and attention. Spoil yourself with hair masks, beautiful hairdos on a regular day or a fabulous blowout before that special event. I love natural shades that look fresh, therefore I try to visit the hairdresser a couple times per year. The difference is almost not visible, but it makes my skin tone look better as well as everything I wear. I’m already doing an ok job, but as always, I’m far from perfect and have a few lessons to learn.

Some random good and bad facts about my haircare routine:

I ran out of heat protection about two years ago and haven’t used any since.

I always use my straightening irons at full heat.

I sometimes skip the conditioner when I’m in a hurry.

I should really be more innovative with my hair. I always style it the exact same way. 

I try to wash my hair no more than twice a week. 

I use great products of high quality.

I have found a hairdresser that is irreplaceable and whom I trust. 

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä// dress by Philosophy Blues Original