Fashion,8 September 2019

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Bonsoir! Here I am, still wearing the same wonderful cashmere sweats I’ve been living in for the past three days -while trying to do my French homework. This weekend has been one of those better ones, where I’ve devoted all my time to my children because my husband has been away for work. Although I miss him very much every time he’s away, which he is quite often, I enjoy my life and who I become when I’m alone. When I’m 100% responsibile of the entertainment for the three of us, I do my very best and give them my full attention and energy. We always do fun activities, spend time outside and gather with friends for play, chill and food. On Friday, it was pizza at Didem’s, yesterday Heureka all day and today some park time, play and food at ours. I feel happy to have so many amazing friends in my life and really want to encourage you to hang out with friends who share your interests and are in the same boat as you. I’ve gotten a bunch of wonderful new friends since becoming a mother, and that I’m very happy about. However, I still have all my old friends that mean the world to me, because who knows me better than those who’s been with me from the start? But I love getting to know new people, because when it comes to friends, I’m starting to think the more the merrier. One can’t ever have too many good people around them, and I think it has made my and our lives much more colorful and richer.

And oh, I have to say it again: I love Heureka! My number one favorite place to hang out at with the kids. Go if you haven’t been yet, it’s a must do!

Pictures from about a week ago when I finally received this ballet inspired dress of perfection. What do you think, should I shorten it about 20 cm to make it more casual and versatile, or keep it long?

dress here// cardigan weekday // boots Jimmy Choo// hairlip Glitter// sunglasses Gucci// bag Chanel

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä


Dressed for success

Fashion,1 September 2019

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I’m in bed with popcorn, podcast and just a tired but happy Sunday head. The kids fell asleep at 7pm after their successful sleepover at my mum’s and I assume we will be sleeping before 10. Yesterday, we attended our friend’s housewarming party and had a really good time. Felt like forever since we did something like this just for fun and not in any way work related. That’s why I left my phone in my bag in the wardrobe, because I wanted to let go and just focus on meeting people for a change. We were home at 1am, slept through the night just like the two sleep deprived parents we are, woke up at 9, had coffee in bed together before I had to get ready for work.

I was part of an event today where I modelled and talked about my chosen looks for the show. It was a lot of fun and I felt energetic and happy to be there. It was a good workday, but my highlight of the day was of course picking up two happy kids. We stayed at my mums for a while and went for a walk in the forest together. On the way home, we picked up some Thai food and enjoyed a relaxed and calm dinner before we almost had to carry the kids to bed at 6.30. All in all a very successful weekend. How was yours?

dress here// shoes Zara// bag Dior// earrings Alighieri

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä