Beach 2018

Fashion,Outfit,17 May 2018

When it’s this hot out, I want to talk a little about beachwear and how I prefer to dress for the beach. After giving birth, I feel more comfortable wearing a one piece over bikinis since I know I have to be up and running most of the time and I feel uncomfortable being too naked and exposed.

I like my beach style to be easy yet glamorous, just for the fun of it. My best tip is to think big but affordable, therefore I always wear a bit more “out there” sunglasses and jewelry. For every upcoming vacation, I buy a pile of fun, colorful and extra everything earrings to wear with a clean face and un-touched hair. I like funky sunglasses and a slip on that matches my bathing suit. Then I add some lipstick and I’m good to go. My beach style is built with accessories I don’t have to worry about. I want to jump in the pool with my jewelry on and play around with the kids and be totally carefree.

swimsuit, earrings and sunglasses by Kappahl

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

flower top

Fashion,Outfit,15 May 2018

Good morning! Yesterday I run from one meeting to another where after me and mom celebrated Mother’s Day with a lovely two-hour long treatment at the Bluelagoon beauty salon. I treat myself with treatments of any kind way too seldom, but now it’s time to change that. A pedicure, facial or massage is money well spent and so worth the time. It makes me want to care for myself a little extra and that feeling stays with me for a long time afterwards. Just like visiting the dentist when you never want to drink coffee or eat sugar again!

This flower top must be the most romantic thing I own at the moment. Loving the soft and subtle tones, the frill and surprisingly also the copped fit. I don’t feel comfortable exposing my belly, but paired with high wasted skirts or trousers it works out well. 

earrings gauhar// top zara// trousers kappahl// shoes vagabond

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä