Fashion,14 August 2019

Shit how difficult it is to leave two sad kids in the morning. I wish we could spend every second together, every day, but I know it isn’t possible. Even though mornings like these leave me feeling a bit low and sad all day, all I can do is try to occupy myself with work and other to-dos. So today, I’m shooting with Juuli who decided to bring her dog to work, before it’s time to go shopping for Greta’s upcoming ballet classes.

Here I am in my new favorite suuuper oversized shirt, new shorts and the most perfect velvet bag, trying to drown my sorrows of how much I miss my children with some dog love instead.

And yes, she’s a little diva and sun loverrr ;). My best poodle friend in the world.

shirt and shorts Weekday// bag Samsoe&Samsoe// shoes Converse

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä


Fashion,11 August 2019

Now is the perfect time to wear all your summer dresses, shorts and florals the way I love them the most. I wear mine, like this seashell white cargo dress, paired with black high leather boots, a loose and cozy knit with my hair tied in a low bun, decorated with a silk scarf. Accessories and layering are at their best during cooler weather and that’s why I love this in-between season.

These pictures are taken earlier this summer when it was still way too warm to wear boots, and in reality, I’m sitting at the breakfast table back at our summer house, wearing my pajamas. I’m coming back into town tomorrow and on Tuesday I’m kicking off my work week with meetings, co-hosting events, travels and so forth.

Speaking of being here in the middle of nature, it’s all lovely and idyllic, but today I found the first tick attached to my son’s head. Disgusting little creature, but we got it out and everything looks fine. Remember to do check-ups, both on yourselves and your children.

dress H&M// sandals Hermes// bag Zara// earrings SofiaRuutuXGauhar// sunglasses Rayban

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä