By the pool

Fashion,15 May 2019

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Ellos:n kanssa// In paid collaboration with Ellos

Approximately one week left until I’m half and half. Half of me on vacation and the other half assuring that business keeps on rolling as usual ;). I have a lot of fun in mind before that, but in a bit more than a week my mind will be on the off-duty side and so will my wardrobe. I can already visualize myself wearing this leopard swimsuit with the black wrap skirt while I zip on that mocktail by the pool or wherever I may be.

Ellos is like a candy shop right now- full of prints, colors and cuts that tickles my fancy. I love this collage and could see myself wearing every single piece. Hope you like it too.

As we have created this little habit together where I share a discount code you get to shop with, I don’t see any reason why we should stop ;). Now you get 30 % off the most expensive item (including external brands) in a purchase. The discount is valid until 31.5 on ordinary prices.

CODE: 460008

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Fashion,8 May 2019

Sorry for being such a bad girl. No updates for days. Since last time, I’ve spent a fun weekend in a cold and windy London, worked, goofed around, regretted the goofing around and repeated. When I travel, I try to maximize my work input, sleep and focus on friend time. This time, we had too much fun to be responsible and go to bed on time and I ignored writing posts, answering emails and studying. Instead, I collected laughter’s, stories and you know, relaxed a little ;).

Today I’m in Stockholm for an event later tonight. I’m flying home to spend the night with the kids and attend Mother’s Day breakfast at daycare tomorrow morning. It’s super important to me. Especially because I’ve been so busy lately.

Even though London isn’t my favorite city, or at least it doesn’t make my heart jump like for example Paris, New York and Tokyo I loved it there. Our goal was to avoid phone booth pictures and other cliché’s and capture London from what we saw and experienced. We were close to failure but made it! Here are my first set of outfit pictures we took in the crossing, just outside our hotel. What I love is that me and Janita found back to our groove. Do you remember when Janita used to take all my outfit pictures? I wouldn’t trade Juuli for the world but miss Janita and our own way of working together. So happy to have these amazing creative souls in my life. They inspire me so much and make my work so much more fun.

blazer tiger of sweden// top hm conscious exclusive// jeans kappahl// boots hm// bag dior// sunglasses chloe

Pictures by Janita Autio