Fall favorites

Fashion,22 September 2020

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Long time no collage. Felt like showing my fall dream items since I think the weather is perfect right now! Some of these items I have, some are on the way and some I dream of having. My biggest investment this fall was of course my new Prada baby, but I love wearing creamy monochrome looks by mixing cream colored knits with matching jeans, trousers or slip skirts. Also, chocolate brown is the hottest color this fall, and I absolutely love that. It’s so yummy and soft.  And, it’s the perfect match with all these luxurious white nuances.

I actually ordered this brown suit since I’m obsessed with loose and relaxed looking dress pants worn with sneakers, but it was way too small, so I need to go up a size or two. In case you think it’s tricky to combine dark brown with shoes and other accessories, my personal take on the problem is to definitely go for black or beige. I would stay away from the color tan and camel and opt for a cooler nougat color to keep it fresh. With the creamy looks I always go for gold in my jewelry, but with he browns I would actually go with silver.

What’s on your dream mood board for fall? What will you be wearing?


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Important day!

Fashion,18 September 2020

Good early morning. Woke up at 6 am today because I’m attending a photoshoot today with the call time 8 am. I can’t wait for the day to start and at the same time I kind of can’t wait for t to be over. A bit nervous, bit in a good way. Hands down today will be the biggest campaign shoot of the year and I’m proud of my team I get to work with on this one.

This week has been a lot of running around from one place to another trying to get organized for today as well as studying in the library, attending classes and trying to keep everything in order. I’ve managed okey but feel so ready for the weekend! I notice a big need to calm down in the weekends and pretty much just stay home, cook and not be social at all. I would say I’m super social from Monday to Friday and the complete opposite Friday to Sunday, he he. Anyone else with me?

On a completely different note: The Prada Re-Edition 2000 Nylon Mini Bag. I’ve gotten many requests about it and it’s nice to hear that many of you have considered it as well. I’m so in love with it and it’s become a new favorite of mine. It fits a lot and l think it looks nice with almost anything. Won’t wear it with a puffer, but as long as I survive with a blazer or thin wool coat it’s perfect!

Now the kids are up so I gotta go. Have a lovely day and don’t forget to tag along on stories here and check out my new vlog on landing on Youtube today, here!

shirt and jeans H&M// boots Anine Bing// bag Prada