Katri Niskanen

Fashion,22 February 2017

*In collaboration with Katri Niskanen// Kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Katri Niskasen kanssa


Katri Niskanen. The woman behind many amazing evening gowns and creations, but who also understands the importance of great fit, comfort and versatility. I have admired her designs at multiple occasions. However, when we met up to plan this collaboration I  knew I wanted to focus on her ready-to-wear collection since somehow these pieces are the once I personally associate with the brand the strongest. Maybe it’s the use of material, sculptural cuts and multi-purpose design? I don’t know, but her fingerprint is strong and it shows in everything she creates.

While visiting the shop I had my Pretty woman moment trying on one piece after another. I think I tried on every jumpsuit and every black dress available. This off the shoulder dress is my favorite. I can come up with endless ways to wear it (midi length, ruched up as a mini, worn over a shirt or as a top over flared trousers). This dress among many other pieces in her collections is perfect for travel. Easy, timeless and doesn’t require ironing.

Even though I have a love- hate relationship with jumpsuits it was the one piece I was sure I wanted to feature in this collaboration. if someone knows how to do it, Niskanen does. It is a daring piece with a bit of attitude which I like. This shoulder revealing model is sexy in a sophisticated way. I love how super feminine it is!

All in all there are lots of great options to choose from. I’m also in love with this beauty that found it’s way to life inspired by cherry blossom.

Which one would you choose?

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Pictures by Svante Gullichsen


Fashion,hair,Outfit,15 February 2017

I just booked another hair appointment. I used to have to refresh my hair twice a year, but all of a sudden I see myself booking new appointments every second month! Ok, I know winter and darkness makes my hair look dull faster as well as the fact that I’ve gone back and forth from pregnant to nursing to somewhat normal in just a few years. The steep changes in my hormone levels certainly leave marks (hair loss, hair growth and baby hair that gives me a very un- wanted little fringe), but I actually think it’s quite boring to waste time at the hairdresser so often. Especially when all I want is for my hair to look natural yet in a refreshened way. My own hair gets really flat and dull if I let it grow out au natural. A bit of highlight gives it exactly what I crave. Some extra volume an texture.

Every time I go I follow the same routine. Carefully done balayage highlights as well as a tone all over to make the base a little less grey. Now I just booked another appointment because I know I’ll feel a lot better when my hair feels good. Less styling, less makeup, less black outfits. Yes, the over all look kind of starts with the hair. Instantly brightens up the face and works as the perfect mood lifter (Yes, something so superficial actually can be the first trigger).

Although my hair kind of matches my skirt and new kicks, I’ll make sure to be a little less matchy-matchy and let go of my Goldielocks crown before new time.

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jacket hm// knit samsoe&samsoe// skirt zara// bag chanel// sneakers new balance (gifted)// sunglasses rayban

Pictures by Janita Autio