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Fashion,Outfit,18 August 2017
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I’ve had a really good week so far and today I’m happy to kick off this Friday with some time at the playground followed by a lunch with Escada. I’ve had one of the most balanced weeks in a while juggling work, photo shoots, events and most importantly family time. Work wise everything is slowly coming alive again and I’m enjoying getting back to it with a little bit more airy inbox and less urgent emails to answer.

The weekends are still full of late summer parties and so is this  upcoming one. This outfit is actually what I wore to a lovely crayfish dinner a while back and on Sunday I’m hosting one myself. I love crayfish and could eat more than I can afford. However, tomorrow I’m going to wear a beautiful baby blue lace dress and stock up on tissues because my nephew is getting baptized and that means my mascara will be running. What are you up to this weekend?

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dress isabel marant// bag chanel// shoes gianvito rossi

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


Fashion,15 August 2017

In collaboration with Instrumentarium/ Kaupallinen yhteistyö Instrumentariumin kanssa


And then came the time for me to return to school and begin my journey towards finishing off my studies at the university. I have always been someone who loves studying. Or actually I have a love-hate relationship towards it similar to exercising. It feels difficult to get started but once it’s done I feel like a winner. I’ve always had some kind of studies to return to no matter where in the world I’ve been and during my years modeling internationally. It keeps me grounded and helps me develop.

School is so different from working and being at home with children. That itself is refreshing but also challenging. I’m so used to multitasking. Cooking with one hand, breastfeed and cheering on my princess pretending she’s Elsa from Frozen while I’m on the phone discussing my next collaboration is how I normally cooperate. This kind of work doesn’t belong at the university. Studying for me requires concentration, focus and strict routines and rules. It’s gonna be a challenge but as usual I accept the challenge or at least I give it a fair chance.


Tänä syksynä palaan takaisin koulunpenkille. Vaikka se voi tuntua aluksi vähän vaikealta olen varma siitä, että nautin opiskelusta heti kun pääsen vauhtiin. Olen aina tykännyt opiskella sillä se saa minut fokusoimaan ja kehittää usealla eri tavalla kun pääsen haastamaan itseni uusilla alueilla.


When school kicks off I feel the need to update my wardrobe with school appropriate attire. It’s both fun and motivating but most of all a practical must. I need a large bag to carry my books and laptop and I badly needed to update my glasses! Even though I always prefer wearing contacts outside home I wear glasses at school and while studying/working on the computer. Boring glasses are nothing but that, boring. I trust modern classics that make me feel good, trendy and comfortable. These round turtle patterned glasses by Saint Laurent is my favorite pair. Kind of surprising because I would never have picked them from the shelves myself. However, these were the first pair of glasses the lovely optician at Instrumentarium chose for me.


Nyt kun on aika palata opiskelun maailmaan haluan päivittää lookkini upeilla silmälaseilla. Opiskellessani käytän aina rillejä, jotta silmäni eivät väsyisi. Haluan, että silmälasini ovat mukavat sekä ajattomat, mutta ei missään nimessä tylsät. Siksi valitsin muutamat pokat, jotka ovat trendikkäät olematta liian crazyt. Näissä laseissa näytän itseltäni ja ne sopivat tyyliini enkä koe silmälasieni olevan liian hallitsevat. Nämä Saint Laurentin pyöreät ruskean täplikkäät pokat ovat suosikkini sillä ne ovat klassiset, mutta hauskat. Onneksi Instrumentariumin optikko ehdotti näitä minulle, sillä tuskin itse olisin tarttunut juuri näihin. 

img_4799 img_8757img_4797

At home I wear these simple black glasses also by Saint Laurent. They are super comfortable and look good even when I’m not wearing any makeup, dressed in sweats and with my hair up in a messy bun. What I love the most is to have a few options to choose from to make wearing glasses feel less like a must and more like a privileged accessory to spice up my looks with. I even got a pair of classic Ray Ban’s for a more funky look that I’ll show you in a separate post later.

For winter I wanted a more massive pair in black. These Stella McCartney’s will look perfect paired with chunky knits, wool scarves and winter coats. The bulkier the outfit is the heavier I want my glasses to be and vice versa.

All of these frames are true classics without being boring. They are comfy, high in quality and most of all beautiful. My glasses are good for looking far and for reading, looking down on my phone and while on the computer. A good pair of glasses make a huge difference and having a couple or a few to choose from makes getting ready a lot more pleasant and fun. Instead of buying new clothes or jewelry buy a new pair of glasses instead. It’s an instant face lifter and makes the most simple outfit much more interesting.

Take a look at a part of  Instrumentarium’s assortment here or visit a shop. Find my previous post about contact lenses here!


Kotona käytän näitä mustia ohutsankaisia silmälaseja Saint Laurentilta. Ne tuntuvat kevyiltä ja mukavilta päässä ja näyttävät hyvältä vaikka olen täysin meikittä, pukeutuneena verkkareihin ja hiukset nutturalla. Lasit ovat ihanan simppelit ja helpot, käyvät kaikkien asujen kanssa. Vastapainoksi halusin myös vähän raskaammat mustat kehykset talvea ajatellen. Mitä muhkeammat neuleet ja kaulahuivit, sitä raskaammat ja kehystävät silmälasit. Nämä mustat Stella McCartneyt ovat ihanat ja tiedän, että tulen käyttämään niitä paljon tänä syksynä ja talvena. Valitsin myös vähän villimmät Ray Banit, jotka esittelen erillisessä postauksessa myöhemmin. 

Tutustu Instrumentariumin kehys valikoimaan tästä ja tästä pääset postaukseni liittyen piilareihin!

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä