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Beauty,hair,Health,20 July 2016
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Spending time at the country side is not only the perfect get away. It is the most time freezing and beautifying thing I can do. I instantly look (and feel) more rested after a few days at the cabin, and both hair and skin feels nurtured and glowy. Perfectly matching my state of mind.

I believe in letting the skin and hair rest from makeup and products. Taking time to clean myself from a bucket, sweating out stress and metabolic waste in the sauna and pampering myself with masks, foot bath’s and other treatments does wonders. Especially if I find something I can use from the garden or kitchen. Generally, it’s not so much about the creams and products I smudge on. It’s the time I take for myself and the actual skin on skin action that matters the most.

While at the cabin I always try to not wash my hair too much and get back to only having to shampoo only once or twice per week. The hair and skin gets used to us cleaning frequently, but it’s as easy to wean off and get back to the hair and skin being able to regulate it’s natural sebum production.

Below I listed some of my favorite ingredients that can easily be found in nature or in the kitchen.

Eggs. I love eggs in all shapes and forms. Use the yolk as a time freezing face mask to give moisture, and the white for a tightening effect. Eggs as a nurturing hair mask will make the hair extra glossy. It is important to remember to use fresh eggs!

Want a cellulite and metabolic boost? Scrub your body with used coffee grounds, and bathe your feet in birch leaves.

Honey is moisturizing as well as the perfect gentle peeling for sensitive skin due to enzymes and saccharin acid.

Scrub off dead skin cells by using oats for a gentle face peeling.

Meadowsweet. Perfect for a foot bath in the sauna. Gives a wonderful tingly feeling and helps to decrease headache and flu symptoms.

Flowers. I love to use all kinds of flowers for a wonderful scent and decoration.

Avocado, coconut oil and yoghurt are perfect ingredients to use as a base or on their own for any mask or treatment. The coconut oil is great to mix in with the scrub and yogurt mixed with honey makes a perfectly calming and moisturizing face mask.

Pictures by Janita Autio

Vita Liberata Sun Facial Bar

Beauty,21 June 2016

*In collaboration with Stockmann/ Kaupallinen yhteistyö Stockmannin kanssa

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After getting my brows and feet taken care of at Stockmann it is now time for the face. Since I’ve been eager to test Mia Höytö’s products this beautifying facial is just up my alley. The products are Eco-certified, designed and manufactured in Finland. I also appreciate the beautiful and simple design of the bottles.

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The Vita Liberata Sun Facial treatment is complimentary if you buy one Vita Liberata or Mia Höytö product. The facial includes a light cleanse and moisturizing serum using Mia Höytö products and it is finished off with Vita Liberata antiaging selftanning serum, Trystal mineral bronzer. This mineral bronzer is the world’s first self-tanning bronzing powder! I can’t wait to try it out in my daily makeup routine myself. The treatment takes about 20 minutes and it is available this week from Monday to Thursday between 12-20 at Stockmann. You can either prebook a time or walk in right there and then.


Nyt Stockmannin kesäsalongissa tarjolla Vita Liberata Sun Facial-hoito yhden Mia Höytö tai Vita Liberata -tuotteen ostajalle. Hoito sisältää ihon pintapuhdistuksen ja kosteusseerumin Mia Höytö tuotteilla sekä viimeistelyn Vita Liberatan antiaging itseruskettavalla seerumilla ja Trystal mineraalibronzerilla. Hoito kestää 20 minuuttia ja piste on auki tämän viikon ma-to klo 12-20. Ajan voit varata etukäteen tai kävellä suoraan pisteelle, joka sijaitsee Stockmannin tavaratalossa apteekin ja päivittäiskosmetiikka-osaston välissä.

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Next week (27.6-2.7) it’s time for the Wow Summer Hair Bar. If you purchase one Invisibobble, Tangle teezer or Color wow product, you get your hair styled in braids by hair stylist Demi Ramadan. You will also get a colored root powder demonstration. The duration of the styling is 20 minutes and the bar is available  from Tuesday to Friday between 13-19 and Saturday 11-17.


Ensi viikolla vuorossa on Wow Summer Hair Bar. Hiustaiteilija Demi Ramadan tekee kesän kuumimmat lettikampaukset yhden invisibobble, Tangle Teezer tai Color Wow -tuotteen ostajalle. Lisäksi opastusta Color Wow -tyviväripuuterin käyttöön. Hair Bar on avoinna ti–pe klo 13–19, la klo 11–17. Kesto n. 20 min.