Not another bad hair day

Beauty,hair,22 March 2019

As this is the year, I’m finally taking action when it comes to things that’s been bothering me, I’m booking appointment after another to take care of myself both health wise and everything else as well. I’m having my sleep checked, Lasik eye surgery on Tuesday, physiotherapy for my knees and now this; my hair!

I’ve talked about it before, but ever since having children my hair has changed drastically! First, I lost at least half of my hair after pregnancies, but my hair quality has also changed. It’s not ”bad”, it’s just different. I take good care of my hair using qualitative products, I eat quite well and lots of good fats, take my vitamins and supplements for my hair but, I sleep poorly, stress a lot in cycles and you know, life goes up and down.

I used to have extensions many years ago after I cut my hair short and hated it but since I like my hair super natural, I had them removed as soon as I got pregnant and my hair reached its normal lenght and look.

This winter my friend recommended me to try this new, gentle, comfortable and most importantly natural form of hair extensions at Stage11. All I wanted was to make my mornings easier by getting just a bit of volume and thickness, still keeping it very natural. I am so, so happy with the result!

Simply Natural Mago extensions are gentle on the hair because the small pieces are attached with cotton thread. First, I went to Stage11 to meet up with Lauri Koski who did my hair for a consultation. I told him what I wanted and that I have very strong hair whorls to take into consideration. I need to be able to pull my hair up in a high bun and I need it to be easy to style at work. A week after, Lauri both colored my hair and attached the Simply Natural hair extensions.

The extensions last for 3 to 4 months and I only have a thickening extension including two packages of hair. If you’re interested yourself, I’ll link to Stage11 price list HERE!


Olen vuoden alusta panostanut ja keskittynyt itseni hoitamiseen ja huoltamiseen. Viime aikoina se on jäänyt liian vähälle huomiolle, joten päätin tehdä muutoksen. Tähän mennessä olen käynyt fysioterapiassa hoitamassa polveni kipeytymistä, tehnyt unitutkimuksen sekä varannut ajan silmien laserleikkaukseen. Viimeisin teko liittyy hiuksiini, koska halusin helpottaa arkeani huomattavasti ja ratkaista hiusongelmani.

Kuten olen useasti kertonut, hiukseni ovat muuttuneet todella paljon viime vuosina. Liitän muutokset raskauksiin sekä imetykseen ja sen lopettamiseen. Harmikseni hiukseni ovat yksinkertaisesti vain ohentuneet. Olen aina viihtynyt parhaiten pitkässä tukassa, joten kaipasin vähän lisätuuheutta hiuksiini.

Sain suosituksen Stage11 kampaamosta, joka tekee hiustentuuhennuksia Simply Natural -Mago tekniikalla. Siinä tuuhennushius sidotaan hellävaraisesti omiin hiuksiin puuvillalangalla. Tämä tekniikka ei vahingoita omia hiuksia lainkaan ja tuuhennus/pidennys kestää 3-4 kk.

Halusin hyvin luonnollisen lopputuloksen. Olen päätökseeni ja lopputulokseen todella tyytyväinen. Hiukseni säilyivät hyvin luonnollisina ja ne ovat helppohoitoiset. Mikä parasta, arkeni helpottui huomattavasti! Nyt minulla on ainoastaan hyviä hiuspäiviä! Haluan suositella tätä niille, joita vaivaa sama ongelma. En usko, että olen ainoa joka kamppailee hiusmuutosten kanssa lasten tulon jälkeen.

Hiukseni laittoi ja käsitteli Lauri Koski. Hiuksiini laitettiin hiustuuhennus kahdella paketilla. Hinnastoon pääsette TÄSTÄ! 


Before/ AfterBefore/ After*Palvelu saatu testiin



Beauty,14 November 2018

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö L’Oréal Paris:in kanssa// Paid collaboration with L’Oréal Paris

And then it happened, the most wanted limited edition WANTED collection by Isabel Marant for L’Oréal Paris has landed here in Finland. I’m overly excited, because Isabel Marant has always been one of my favorite designers. Nevertheless now, after being at the show in Paris earlier this fall.

Isabel Marant is a woman I connect with modern day beauty with the message: Just be yourself, whatever that may be. That however, can mean a lot of things and to me it means to be whoever you feel like that specific day or in that specific moment.

The collection includes these following products: SHINE highlighter, AMAZE tint gloss for cheeks, lips and eyes. It also has a wonderful SMOKE eyeshadow palette, that unfortunately isn’t available here in Finland, WANTED brow and eye polisher/mascara and the SMILE lipsticks.

Isabel Marant created a small collection with small products because she wanted to be able to carry all of her necessities with her at all times. As a mother and successful designer, she wanted products that can be tapped on easily on-the-go. I love her way of thinking, and I’ve always loved small and easy makeup products, because even though I usually do my makeup in the morning, I still want to be able to touch up along the day without having to carry a huge makeup bag with me.

When I met Isabel Marant in Paris, she said that she wanted a clear mascara because she doesn’t want anything to block eye contact. This sheer brow & eye mascara is perfect if you like to fixate your curled lashes but prefer a very natural look. Personally, I love the look of full black eyelashes so I’m not ready to give it up but instead, I use the clear mascara on my brows to brush them upwards. The translucent formula adds texture and volume to enhance and define brows and lashes with a soft, conditioning hold.

SHINE is thehighlighter if you don’t like any kind of shimmer. It’s completely free of shimmer, so it gives a very subtle shine.

AMAZE is along with the lipsticks the product I like the most out of the collection. I use it on my cheeks and it’s a really nice and fresh color that mimics winter rosy cheeks after a day out in the cold. It’s a multi-purpose product, so you can use it on the cheeks, as lip-gloss or to add gloss to your eyelids.

The lipsticks are my favorites from the collection and I’ve found one that turned my world upside down. I love lipstick and feel like it gives me a confident boost in the mornings. Classic red and the perfect shade of nude that matches my own lips are the two shades I use the most. Now, I’ve found a new favorite nude, that replaces the old one I’ve been using for years. It’s the shade Bastille Whistle, my signature lip shade since a couple of months back. I’ve worn it nonstop ever since I got it.

Red lips are always a good idea, and my choice of red from this collection is this beautiful brick red color: La Butte Marshal. These lipsticks are very soft and neither glossy or completely matte. They just make the lips look moist and smooth.

The collection is now in stores for a limited time forward.

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä