Think Pink

Beauty,Fashion,4 October 2017

Luxurious home wear is my new area of interest. Not only because I love to spend time at home and change into something even more beautiful, soft and comfortable than my regular outfit, but I feel like there are so much more variety and selection available in stores right now. I’m not going to lie and say I always walk around in velvet, silk and lace, but the idea intrigues me.

This outfit by Lindex Pink Collection includes this perfectly oversized silk shirt and pink velvet robe. However, the gorgeous collection of home wear has many more beautiful pieces made out of high quality materials like cashmere and silk (I’m really craving the cashmere set as well). I love shopping for a good cause, therefore this collection has something for everyone and even though I might be a little extreme I think pretty much every piece would be amazing to give or receive as a gift. (Ho-ho-ho Christmas is coming).

Another thing I find important is to create a home spa environment with candles, music and treat myself with things I like. Chocolate is usually my first pick, but since I’ve been such a good girl lately, I’ve found other things that gets me going. A nice facial massage, manicure or steaming hot shower is as much of a reward at the end of the day as any eatable treat, therefore I have to tell you about my new eye and lip masks. Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift Mask is magical for tired, dark or puffy eyes. The sensitive skin under and around our eyes is the only area that doesn’t produce moisture by itself. I apply and massage the mask whenever I have time before an event, for the night (it is a leave on mask) or in the morning when I look or feel tired. So happy to have found this just in time for the upcoming dark winter!

The Nightly Lip Treatment is an overnight cream that freezes time and feels soothing and soft. It also plumbs the lips and reduces early signs of aging and small lines. I love this one as well, because by massaging the formula around the lip area my lips feels more soft, firm and super smooth!

Bad post to write right before a seminar at school, because all I want to do right now is to run home and burry myself under some blankets ;).

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

Source of radiance

Beauty,10 September 2017

In collaboration with Lumene// Kaupallinen yhteistyö Lumenen kanssaimg_5604

As all life requires water it is also crucial for vibrant and healthy skin. Being hydrated from the inside is of course important, but let’s not forget the importance of adding water to our skin also externally. Lumene’s Lähde series includes the purest Nordic water in a blend of  moisturizing and nurturing birch sap filled with minerals. Now it’s time for the serum Lähde Arctic Dew to step into the game.

As soon as the weather gets colder at least my skin reacts by getting more dry, dull and tired looking. I have learned to prepare myself by making small changes in my skin care routine, depending on the weather conditions and temperature. Adding nurturing moisture ahead of time before the cold bites our cheeks and the winds get harsh saves me from having to deal with flaky, red and irritated skin.


Olen aina ollut intohimoinen ihonhoitaja enkä koe pitkäkestoista ja monen askeleen ihonhoitorituaalia työläänä. Se on osa päivittäistä elämääni ja yhtä luonnollista kuin muun hygienian hoitaminen. Vaikka ihoni reagoi myös hormonaalisiin muutoksiin, olen oppinut tuntemaan sen niin hyvin, että  osaan hoitaa ihoani myös ennakoivasti. Täten säästyn useimmiten suurimmilta yllätyksiltä ja vaivoilta. Nyt syksyn alkaessa huomaan, että ihoni kaipaa enemmän huolenpitoa ja tiedän, että se tulee vaatimaan  lisäkosteutta.

Lumenen kosteuttava Lähde sarja on saanut uuden tulokkaan, syväkosteuttavan Lähde seerumi Arctic Dew. Seerumi kosteuttaa tehokkaasti ihon syvimmistä kerroksista lähtien ja häivyttää siksi myös ensimmäiset ikääntymisen merkit ja alkavat juonteet. Arctic Dew seerumi sisältää 89% luonnollisia raaka-aineita, muun muassa pohjoisen puhdasta lähdevettä sekä mineraalipitoista koivun mahlaa.


Personally, I think well moisturized skin is one of the most important things to keep in check when trying to achieve a fresh and long lasting youthful look. Not only because moisture makes early signs of aging and small lines disappear or less visible, but it also keeps the skin more elastic and radiant. The Arctic Dew serum is made out of 89% natural ingredients which nurture and hydrate the skin on the deepest levels. It activates and co-works with the skins own moisture production to achieve the perfect balance.

Wanna know what kind of morning person you are and skin care recommendations to match your type? Click to do the TEST! If you participate in the test you also have chance to win Lähde- skincare products for an entire year!!!


Itse olen aina pitänyt seerumia lempituotteena ihonhoitorituaalissani. Se on täydellinen tapa antaa iholle juuri sen, mitä se tarvitsee eniten. Tällä hetkellä ihoni kaipaa runsaasti kosteutusta ja siksi tehokas ja kostuttava seerumi on täydellinen valinta. Eikä minua myöskään haittaa, että tämä Arctic Dew seerumi on lähde myös kauniille, säteilevälle ja kimmoisalle iholle. Otan sen vastaan kiittäen.

Jos haluat tietää minkälainen aamutyyppi olet, Lumene on luonut testin joka kertoo sen sinulle ja antaa sinulle ihonhoitosuositukset. Testiin pääset TÄSTÄ! Osallistumalla testiin osallistut myös arvontaan, jossa voit voittaa itsellesi Lähde-sarjan ihotuotteita kokonaiseksi vuodeksi!!!

muokattu4 picframe-30

As you might already now I have no limitations when it comes to my skin care routine. There is always time to go all in and go through the routine with time, care and love. Especially at night time. Luckily my mum taught me early on that skin care is a must especially for me with typical Scandinavian skin. Sensitive and dry. My skin care routine includes many phases depending on my needs. However, the serum is always my favorite part. It’s like a personalized booster providing you with an extra shot of what your skin craves the most before you apply your moisturizing cream.

Lumene’s Arctic Dew serum is the perfect thirst relief for dry and dull looking skin and the source to what I’m trying to achieve; naturally beautiful skin, radiance and fabulousness!


Pictures by Juuli Rönkä