Burgers, fries and pink pajamas

Fashion,Outfit,3 February 2018

As one of the shyest persons to wear color I surprised myself with this pink pajama inspired suit. It’s fun and puts me in the greatest mood. The perfect pick for my 30th birthday morning at Nobis hotel, Copenhagen. Pink is a great color and a color I should wear more often.

This week has been one of my best weeks in a while. I’ve had loads of energy and flow. Good and productive work week behind and quality time with the kids. Having both kids in daycare might be one of the reasons why I feel more content with my own performance.  In general, I find mums who work are on fire! The level of multitasking and effectiveness is out of this world. Simply fierce!

My trip to Copenhagen was perfect! The weather inspired me to welcome spring into my life again and forget about the snow storm at home. My camera is filled with pictures and I lived on burgers and yummy fries, but compensated with green juices. My travel companions diet is quite interesting and since I’m the least picky she got to choose (twice). Gotta love young girls and their habits of eating crap and staying up all night. Those times are dusty memories for us thirty-year old’s, haha ;).

suit and shoes zara// earrings chanel

Pictures by Janita Autio

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