Fashion,14 June 2019

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It’s wedding season and since I’m obsessed with weddings and everything connected with love, I’m also obsessed with what to wear for someone else’s special day. Dressing up makes half of the party and sets the mood, therefore it should be a somewhat big of a deal if you ask me ;). This dress is my pick, and for those of you who don’t like to wear heels, this one is just as nice paired with a pair of flats due to the buttons. I could have steamed it before taking these pictures, but if I’m on vacation I’m on vacation I guess ;). I’m currently so in love with everything blue, so this piece was an obvious choice.

Other than enjoying calm days under the sun, I’ve gotten some kind of eye infection that has made my entire eye swell. I looked more or less like Quasimodo this morning when I looked myself in the mirror. I’ve visited the doctor, but don’t feel too thrilled about living with this pain and look that comes with it. Hoping it will get better soon.

Get to dress here!


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