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Fashion,7 June 2020

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Right now, I’m lying in bed next to my daughter. I just put my son to sleep which after I always climb up the bunkbed to hold her hand when she falls asleep. Putting my kids to bed is my favorite routine of the day. A habit I don’t feel any rush to try to wean off.

Today we spent the day at my father’s summer house nearby where we enjoyed a family sauna, barbeque and spent time with my dad and his girlfriend. One thing I’m so grateful for is all the good people that came into both mine and my children’ s lives all thanks to my parent’s divorce. Divorce’s are of course not all positive I get that, but I must say my parents did a good job. I’ve never been afraid of divorce and that’s all thanks to how good everything has turned out both between and for my parents. My family just got bigger, better and happier! Just as a little side note, because the thought quite often hits me when I hang out with either of my parents and their partners.

This is what I wore yesterday for a little shopping spree downtown. I’ve been waiting to get to wear this amazing dress by ByMalina and although it wasn’t the warmest day, I decided to go for it anyway. This outfit consists of some of my absolute best purchases I’ve made within a year. These Céline boots I got on sale must be my most worn heels and number one purchase. This vintage Chanel bag is definitely a favorite next to my vintage Dior saddle and so is this Fiippa K bomber I bought second hand. Vintage bags are perfect I think, because they look more relaxed and effortless than brand new bags. Here are my favorite places to shop for vintage bags.

Love that sometimes the most surprising purchase happen to become the most wearable and loved pieces. Don’t you agree? Which are your most worn pieces in your wardrobe?

bomber Filippa K// dress here// boots Céline// bag Chanel

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