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Outfit,personal,9 February 2016

“I need to stumble, choose wrong and learn from my mistakes. Because after downhills uphills feel much steeper. I need to feel like I live a little to appreciate all the greatness that surround me”

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Life goals, what a difficult and anxiety filled subject no? I’ve never been the type of person who knows what I want and I’m also pretty good at changing my mind along the way. Most of the time I don’t even know what I don’t want until I’ve tried that too and unfortunately learned through my mistakes. All I know is that I do know when something feels good and vice versa. That is all I have to guide me. My gut.

I’ve always known that I want children. That’s pretty much it. I never dreamed about a fairytale wedding, specific job, to visit a certain country or live in a specific area. Nothing like that. It might be difficult to know and see the achievements, goals and dreams reached, when you’re not really sure where you’re aiming. It sometimes feels like I’m a blind woman walking through life, never knowing where I’ll end up. Luckily I’m not at all adventures which is something that I’m sure has saved me from a lot of trouble.

The purpose of this post was supposed to be “things I want to do before 30”. But I really don’t have that much I want to do that I’ve not already done. I know I want to graduate at some point but that is something I don’t have much control over right now. In my life it’s always family first and at this point studying will have to wait. At least while I’m still nursing and both kids are at home with me. Luckily I tend to always finish what I start. Being able to trust that is all I know for know. I also have more educations I’m interested in. So it seems to be more or less a never ending process.

In every course and education I’ve taken part in I keep hearing how important it is to have both long and short term goals. Make a mind map over your life so you’ll be able to keep track. It’s supposed to help us control where our lives are heading. I’m not sure I believe in that. Or at least I question it. Why not just jump and see where we’ll end up instead? It might lead us to something even more wonderful than imagined. All it requires is to be in touch with your gut feeling, and that is something I think we should put a lot more focus on. Plan less-feel more.

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  • Natali

    You have no idea how liberalnih it was to read this post!!! Also, how relatable and comforting your words are! Sometimes I have the worst anxiety anxiety attacks because I feel and think that everybody around me has got their *hit together, has perfectly planned and figured out lives while that leaves me feeling completely “meesed” up person for not m being the same.
    I have learned a lit by just living and making mistakes as I live. Not making too nabavit big plans has helped too… Sometimes, not having too high goals, too many plans and such actually helps to achieve more and live better if this makes any sense. :D

  • Meredith

    How is your little baby doing, growing fast?:) And Greta, does is loves being big sister? Any side of siblings envy? Have you got any sleep at nights? By just looking you in these photos I can´t see any side of sleepless nights.

  • You are right, we should listen much more to our gut feeling. I try to do it most of the time and it helped me to make some decisions I don’t regret.

  • Meredith

    What do you think about now the age different between you and your husband?

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