Beach 2018

Fashion,Outfit,17 May 2018

When it’s this hot out, I want to talk a little about beachwear and how I prefer to dress for the beach. After giving birth, I feel more comfortable wearing a one piece over bikinis since I know I have to be up and running most of the time and I feel uncomfortable being too naked and exposed.

I like my beach style to be easy yet glamorous, just for the fun of it. My best tip is to think big but affordable, therefore I always wear a bit more “out there” sunglasses and jewelry. For every upcoming vacation, I buy a pile of fun, colorful and extra everything earrings to wear with a clean face and un-touched hair. I like funky sunglasses and a slip on that matches my bathing suit. Then I add some lipstick and I’m good to go. My beach style is built with accessories I don’t have to worry about. I want to jump in the pool with my jewelry on and play around with the kids and be totally carefree.

swimsuit, earrings and sunglasses by Kappahl

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


  • Minna M

    Hei! Mikä koko sinulla on tästä uimapuvusta? Pohdin itse S ja M välillä :) kiitos vastauksesta! Xx

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Hei, mulla on s ja se on hyvä sillä olen aika pitkä. Jos olet pitkä ota isompi, muuten ottaisin sinuna pienemmän koon.

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