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baby,personal,15 February 2016
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Our family just stumbled inside the door happy, somewhat exhausted and satisfied from our long weekend spent in Stockholm. I am a bit obsessed with Stockholm. The beauty I see everywhere in that city is beyond real. Everyone looks awesome (!), the buildings are gorgeous and the restaurants are so cozy and trendy. The all around atmosphere makes me happy.

Since my husband was on a work trip I spent quite some time alone with the kids. Luckily I have friends living in Stockholm with whom I finally got to spend some quality time. Loved being able to get out, sit in nice cafe’s and restaurants and just catch up. I even managed to get some shopping done (in actual shops not over the internet!). My friends are golden and I should make it a habit to arrange more time with them.

Since it was baby G’s first trip abroad we had to get him a passport. It should be illegal to try to take passport pictures of a two week old but I guess it will become a funny memory to look back on :). Baby G now has a full name.

Gabriel Kim Wilhelm Ruutu 

Pictures by Janita Autio




  • noora

    luckily passports nowadays are only valid for 5 years, I had my first passport photo taken as a one-month-old and used that until I was ten :D not exactly the most recognizable photo..

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Haha halleluja for that! Our babies both have passports and neither have necks and it’s also such a fuz getting the pictures taken when the eyes are open (never happens at the right time).

  • Natali

    Awww! His full ( and short too :D ) name is so beautiful!! Welcome Mr.Gabriel!! :*

  • Lisa

    Was it a coincidence or on purpose that both your children’s names start with a G? ?

    • Sofia Ruutu

      It was pure councidence, but I do like how their names sound together. Both have 3 names. Second name named after grand parents.

  • Lisa

    Was it a coincidence or on purpose that both your children’s names start with a G? :)

  • Meredith

    Oh Gabriel that´s a nice name. How did you guys end up with name Gabriel? Is he´s stomach problems over?

  • Iida

    Btw va er Gretas fullständiga namn?

  • Meredith

    Is’ t hard being alone with two kids. When you need to nurse the othet and play and enterteing the other? Does that brings any tantrums to Greta when she realize she needs to share her mommy with her baby brother? Btw what’s Gretas full name?

  • Lena

    On ollut hauska seurata, että viimeisen raskaustesi aikana ja nyt Gabrielin syntymänmyötä blogisi on saanut mukavaa “piristysruisketta” ja postauksesi kirjo on saanut uusi vihvaiteita myös siitä toisenlaisesta Sofiasta, jonka lähipiirisi tunnistaa. Toki ymmärrän, että olet kova leijonaemo suojelemaan lapsiasi ja läheisiä “julkisuudelta”, mutta blogisi on saanut uutta rythiä ja aihepiirisi on laajentunut. Olet todella hyvä kirjoitta ja kuvasi on aina totta kai huippuluokaa kiitos sinun mahtavien kuvaajesi:) Toivottavasti jatkat samaa tyyliä. Itse en ainakaan malta odottaa uusia postauksia, vaikka en ole mikään mikään lapsiihminen niin kyllä ne baby postauksesi kuitenkin aina jotenkin liikuttavat myös lapsetonta naista. Kaikkea hyvää sinulle ja ihanalla perheellesi<3 !!

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Kiitos paljon! Todella kivaa saada pslautetta ja vieläpä näin positiivista. Se tuntuu aina niin hyvältä. Kiitos että otit aikaa kommentoimaan ?

  • Lena

    p.s Vieläkö voisit suositella Q-hairin luottokampaajaajasi Johannaa? Vai oletko muuttanut kampaajaasi?

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