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Fashion,Outfit,3 October 2016
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This silk skirt from the H &M studio collection was so irresistible and classic I had to get it. Even though I can’t come up with a specific occasion to wear it. Maybe a great reason to finally buy those tickets to the opera, or simply save it for christmas eve.

Since I already brought it up and it’s October and all, I guess it’s allowed to continue on the topic for a second. I’m usually not the “gift loving type”. I don’t really love getting gifts myself, and I hate buying things just because it’s expected. That is why I’ve promised myself to collect gifts for my loved once all along the year. If I see something I know a friend or family member would love I buy it and save it. I’ve actually purchased a couple of gifts already.

This cute little delicate necklace with a letter charm is something I think is really nice to give as a gift. It’s from Glitter and is in sterling silver/ covered in gold. I’ve carried it around my neck every day since I got it, and it feels so special having my babies first letter G with me all day long. Also, a perfect gift to give a friend as a welcome gift to motherhood.

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Pictures by Janita Autio


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