Fashion,Outfit,21 June 2018

Ok, so I decided to start our kids summer holiday a bit earlier than planned. No more daycare before fall. Apparently, all I have to do is think of our summer cabin and I’m already packing my bags and planning to move here for good. I become a bohemian child of nature. I feel so incredibly relaxed here. In only a few hours, I lose interest in most of the things I get so caught up in and find so important at home. It’s like I pack my bags to travel away from myself.

All I want to do is walk in nature, pick flowers, live in slow motion and do nothing else but eat, sleep, play, repeat. It gives me extreme satisfaction to watch our kids spend time with their grandparents and forget about all the pressure, timeframes and electronic devices. Instead they bake, pet animals, run around barefoot, swim etc. It feels like we all get a chance to be free. Free, from trying to constantly meet our own and other’s expectations. We all get to grow and develop into whatever we desire, freely. My kids fall into bloom in their own uniqueness. Love that.

Today while on my daily walk, I realized I’ve more or less deleted music from my life. I haven’t listened to music and enjoyed it for a long time. Music is the best mood creator and source of inspiration. My favorite song of the day is City of Stars by Gavin James.

This trip was short, but I’ll be back very soon again.

hugo Boss dress // hermes sandals

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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