don’t belittle the diaper talk


It’s been a lot of baby and pregnancy talk here lately, and it’s something I’m not going to apologize for. I can’t stand it when I experience negative comments or attitude about mom’s who talk about diapers, lack of sleep, phases they go through or anything related to their children. I also think it’s ridiculous to “try not to” talk about the children/ child when spending time alone with the other parent or partner. Being home with my child pretty much is my life. Especially for some time forward when my child is very little.

Why is it ok for people who work a lot, or for the working parent to talk about work constantly, without being looked at as something boring or unfulfilling? For someone spending all their time and energy being at home taking care of a child/ children, it is in my opinion quite unnatural not to talk about the happenings during the day. It’s one of my favorite moments when I get to tell my husband who’s traveling a lot what our precious little girl said, did and learned that day. It’s important to me to include him and other family members and close friends in our lives. I am proud and love the life I live, therefore I won’t let myself feel less interesting as a person or hushed down just because I want to talk about the most important things in my life.

Pictures taken by Marika Rosengård when Greta was just a couple weeks old.

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