almost a bathroom selfie

Fashion,Outfit,31 October 2016

Every now and then we do things we never thought we would do. White turtle necks and bathroom pictures to mention a couple. I’ve never been a selfie lover. Although I love the idea of selfies. To be able to freely choose what kind of pictures we take of ourselves and share, is an important step when it comes to what we expose ourselves to. We choose how we want to portray ourselves, therefore the responsibility lays on us.

These pictures are not far from a classic bathroom selfie, but I’m much more confident posing in front of a camera than to myself in the mirror. One thing I rarely feel confident in are tight turtle necks. Especially in white. I simply think they are very unflattering on almost anyone. However, this one was relaxed enough to  make it into my wardrobe and I’m happy it did because I think we might become happy together.

sofia-ruutu-ootd20161031_0740 sofia-ruutu-ootd20161031_0739 sofia-ruutu-ootd20161027_0736 sofia-ruutu-ootd20161031_0738 sofia-ruutu-ootd20161027_0722 sofia-ruutu-ootd20161027_0725

turtle neck massiomo dutti// skirt zara// boots gianvito rossi// bag chanel

Pictures by Dora Dalila


  • Taija

    Jälleen kerran upea asukokonaisuus ja näyttävät kuvat! <3 Tykkään myös huulipunastasi kuvissa, voitko kertoa mikä se on? ;)

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Hei. Kiitos! Huulipunani on Mac:in Paramount :). Niin ihana sävy. Muita lemppareita ovat myös Velvet Teddy ja Retro.

  • Ella

    Hi Sofia! Fabulous picture. Can I ask you something, You have very beautiful skin and I was wondering do you use any hormonal contraception and does it help with your skin? Sorry if this question is to personal. I have been battling with acne but I am a little hesitant to start the pill and afraid of weight gain. Ella xx

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Hi Ella! Thank you! I do not use any hormonal contraception, but when I did it didn’t affect my skin in any way. I have my genes to thank when it comes to my skin, but I have to say tho, that I understand to appreciate not having a troubled skin. I have so many friends with skin problems and I know how much they struggle with it. I never gained weight while on the pill either. At least not because of the pill ;). I hope you find something that helps you. Today I actually heard of Konjac sponge. Have you tried?

      • Ella

        Hi, thank you for your lovely reply and tips. I hadn’t heard of Konjac sponge, I will have to give that a try. Your skin is like porcelain, so elegant. :) I hope your friends skin gets better too! Xx

  • Ivana

    a beautiful post..

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