My style foundation

Fashion,Outfit,1 May 2018

Post in collaboration with Norlyn// Kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Norlyn:in kanssa

Everyone who knows me know this is how I define my style in one outfit. I feel like myself and I’m comfortable. I’m so happy the time has come (or very soon it’ll come) to put away those winter coats and dress lighter. Leather jacket, girly mini dress paired with boots is my all-time go to outfit! It’s very easy, comfortable yet cute without being too sweet at the same time. An outfit I can wear every time I’m unsure of the dress code and mood of the event. This dress is for sure going to be one of my most worn dresses. I’ve already worn it to plenty events, but I can’t wait to pair it with sandals and bare legs on my vacation and thick black tights for Fall.

Since this is my everyday outfit I think these thin black Norlyn Premium Control tights complete the look perfectly. It stays light due to the see-through finish exposing some skin, but it’s more casual than if I paired it with neutral colored tights. Which tights we choose to pair with our dresses can set the style and feeling of the entire outfit don’t you think? As a bonus to this collaboration, I’ve learned how to make the same outfit much more wearable and versatile due to different tights.

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

The ultimate guide

Fashion,Outfit,20 April 2018

Post in collaboration with Norlyn// Kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Norlynin kanssa

Ok, now I’ve done the ultimate test. I’ve worn all products from the Norlyn Premium collection that I own. I’ve worn more skirts, ankle bearing trousers and dresses this spring than I have in a year. Just because I thought that if I’m going to write this many posts about tights, I want to tell you everything I know so that you don’t have to go through the same process.

A few years back when I more or less only wore dresses paired with tights I would have loved to get more help in the jungle of options. I had a super sensitive stomach that didn’t like pressure at the waist and a puppy who always managed to brake my tights while greeting me at the door. That’s why I want to help you save time, energy and of course money. It’s quite tricky to shop for tights when all we see is the package, or if we’re lucky a little test piece of the toes.Norlyn Premium Control is my number one pick for flying, standing in heels and when I wear something well fitted. During this shoot, I ate a huge three course dinner (with double dessert) before I took these pictures. Only because I wanted to test how I feel wearing the tights afterwards :D. The tights made me feel like everything stayed in place, even though I wore the smallest dress I could find. They are perfect for giving us a little help on the way and create that smooth and firming silhouette. The push up effect is noticeable not only in how the clothes fall on the body, but also in the way I carry myself.  However, whenever I wear something a bit less body hugging I go up a size for more comfort. Norlyn Premium Control will be on my feet every time I fly. I need to get support for my legs and I’m glad I can wear these unnoticeable 20 den tights and look like myself.

For everyday use, I like to wear Norlyn Premium Luxe Soft or Luxe Touch in either powder or sand. They are comfortable, easy and look good. I love that they are semi glossy, making my legs look photo shopped.Norlyn Premium Run Resist is my choice for work and events. I love that they are super thin (15 den) and of course run resistant! I never carry an extra pair of tights with me, but I’ve learned to choose these for those important moments when I don’t want to walk around with broken tights. These tights are matt and gives a subtle, powdery finish.

Are you ready to find your own favorites that suit your lifestyle? Check out my favorites along with other options here and read a little interview with me hereNeed a bit of guidance in finding the right shade see my post here!

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä