7 things to do before summer is over

Fashion,26 July 2020

Back and forth from the countryside to city life. That’s what this past month has been all about. I never managed to take those 2 weeks off (-line) as planned, but that’s ok. Corona shook things up this spring, so I don’t dare to get too cocky now before the next wave hits again. After all, we’ve spent countless months home together as a family and neither me nor my very- much -traveling husband have left the country since February.

There are still a few weeks left of summer, so I thought I’d list some of the things I want to do these upcoming weeks.1. Visit Fazer for a chocolate factory tour with the kids. I remember waiting for the school visit to Fazer for year in elementary school, therefore I just need to share this joy with my own children.

2. Pick liters and liters of wild raspberries here at the cottage and put in the freezer for my daily green breakfast smoothie bowls. I mix whatever I have at home, but it usually consists of 1 banana, ½ bag of frozen spinach, frozen kale and sometimes avocado. I top it with raspberries and a big chunk of peanut butter 3. Binge watch a series my one and only (!) trustworthy friend (when it comes to series) recommended; Bold Type. Firstly, I only binge watch series or then I don’t see the point starting at all. I want to get lost and really live what I watch because I get so emotionally engaged. Secondly, I find almost everything I watch anxiety bringing and I really mean everything, therefore I need trustworthy recommendations of completely anxiety- free series and movies. Most people think some anxiety is worth it because the series or film is so good. It’s not.

4. Purchase a new camera for my upcoming Youtube channel I will start later this fall!

5. Listen to more audiobooks and music. I usually always listen to podcasts and find them very relaxing and inspiring, but now I’ve listened to 2 books in 2 days and some music on top of that. Books are amazing and I need to keep them in my life!6. Eat less meat. I need to get back to eating less meat! To be honest, this corona spring forced me to cook 100 times more than usual which lead me to start using meat more than ever due to lack of imagination. I promise myself and you to cut back again, drastically!

7. Wardrobe cleanse. Just because every single one of my to-do lists includes this point. Always.


Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


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