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Beauty,hair,17 November 2015

Jealousy… There are a few things I can’t function without in my daily routines that I really envy and admire in others. I’ve created a little list of my 4 points of beauty routine envy objects I’d like to incorporate in my own life, to get that perfectly natural and cool look.

  • Air dried/ over night dried hair. I need to blow-dry my hair after every shower. It’s is the most boring and time consuming activity I know, but I simply can’t make it work without a blowout. I also always finish of by going through my hair with a flat iron to bring some volume to my lengths.
  • Personal scent. I’ve never found that personal scent that suits me perfectly. I wish I had, because I love when I feel a scent I instantly connect to one of my friends or someone I love. Somehow I always get tired of any perfume I use. I also can’t stand wearing someone else’s scent, since it feels like I’m stealing that persons identity.
  • Perfectly painted lips keeping the rest of the face completely nude. Oh how I admire those beautiful French women who look like they haven’t done anything else to their entire appearance but painted those lips with the perfect shade of red, still managing to look absolutely spotless.
  • Sharp hairdo’s. I love sharp hair cuts, but I especially love perfectly made up hairdo’s. My own hair is simply too fine for a super tight and shiny ponytail or braid, but I can’t help to admire those on others.
  • Glasses. I wear glasses at home and during my time off, but I can’t make myself feel comfortable enough to wear them out for work, dinners or out on the town. I somehow find it hard to incorporate glasses into my personal style. It’s a shame since I find contacts the most annoying thing on earth, and I think they actually tend to make me a bit grumpy ;).
20151026-DSC_2847-MattiKeski-Kohtamaki 20151026-DSC_2747-MattiKeski-Kohtamaki

Pictures by Matti Keski-Kohtamäki


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