Life update

Fashion,23 March 2021

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How’s life over there? I’ve had a few busy weeks but feeling alive and happy. Thanking this wonderful new spring light and my newly found love for Pilates for that. I only practice once per week but that’s a lot more than I’ve been moving my body this past year. I miss my yoga a lot but can’t imagine a time when that feels safe again.

Yesterday was a big day in my life. Our renovation finally kicked off AND I had Invisalign put into my mouth. I won’t bore you with details about that here, but for those who are interested, I’m telling all about it in my newest vlog coming up any minute.

Realizing that this text is a bit all over the place, but I have so much to tell you and my thoughts are just running around in my head on high speed! My head is filled with interior choices we have to decide on asap as well as work projects and strategic thinking on how to beat my kids and husband in all the games we play ;). This new family time we’ve got has made all of us become obsessed with playing board games. We play around 6 games per day. It’s the first thing we do in the morning and last thing before we go to bed. I love it! However, It’s crazy how bad I’ve become at memory though. Can’t remember anything anymore. Feeling old, hehe :=)

I have so many new spring coats that I have to spread them around in my channels. Coats are life, especially here in Finland where we actually wear them a lot. I love wearing a nice coat where I can hide underneath. This beige shirt coat is super nice and relaxed to wear over anything. I’m eager to wear it with bare legs and white sneakers soon as well. Excited for spring to come!

Have a nice evening and see you soon <3

coat here // jeans here// shoes here // knit here // bag Chanel// sunglasses Chimi