Paris feels

Fashion,29 September 2020

Bonjour ! I just now got home from the nicest walk in a little while. I walked alone which rarely happens and I listened to Laleh the whole time. I’ve always loved Laleh. Who else is obsessing over the weather and nature right now? It’s amazing and makes me happy every day. It’s the most perfect fall weather, therefore I’m embracing it by not pulling out those quite claustrophobic stockings quite yet. Being able to walk around bare legged actually lifts my mood a bit and that’s not even a joke, ha-ha. The weather reminds me of Paris, and I have to say I’m starting to miss travelling! Especially Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen and fashion weeks. Wondering how I’ll be able to create nice content from here all winter this year. Well at least it’s going to be relatable for everyone, so that’s good ;).

Today, I’ve just been working and studying as usual but I’m also planning fun things for the upcoming months. If I could only get through my math exam this upcoming Saturday life will feel much easier again! Please cross your fingers for me because yes, a bit (loads) of luck is exactly what I need to pass.! I’m trying to vlog a lot this week so that you’ll have a looong vlog to watch this weekend, but I need to activate myself a bit so that you don’t only have to watch me study. Now I’m gonna make myself some noodles. Fully living the student life, hehe.

jacket Stylein// dress Gauhar Helsinki// boots Custommade// bag Christian Dior

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä