Spirit animal

Fashion,23 November 2019

Greetings from my me-time of 1 hours here in Zürich. Since we’ve pretty much only done child friendly activities, I tied my cropped blazer tight over my dress and pulled on my new knee-high boots only to march straight into the hotel lounge for some peace and quiet and work time. It’s been a couple intense days and I wonder whether I should have gone up a few years in age when I choose my husband, since his energy levels are insane ;)! I’ve never felt more tempted to join my spirit animal: the sloth, when we visited them at the Zoo yesterday. They are amazing btw, and based on their facial expression, they look like they are enjoying their existence. I would too…

This dress I’m wearing in these pictures is an old favorite I’ve had for years (I’m actually wearing it now as we are speaking). It used to be maxi length until I shortened it a few weeks back at my seamstress. Now, I’ve already worn it more than those couple of years I’ve had it, so please don’t hesitate to alter your clothes. I really recommend being brave even if it’s already a nice piece as it is, but for some reason you don’t wear it enough. I’ve gotten so much more joy out of my wardrobe after I lowered the bar to alter my clothes. I’d rather pay for that than to buy another version of something I already have.

Now I’m going to order in, shower and go to bed with the kids because I need a good 12 hours of sleep to keep up with whatever we have scheduled for tomorrow.

Ps. Can’t even get started with The Crown season 3 knowing I’ll have to get used to the new queen. How about you?

knit Cos// dress Andiata// boots Samsoe&Samsoe// bag Coccinelle

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

3 x easy hairdos

hair,20 November 2019

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Elnett:n kanssa// Paid collaboration with Elnett

The party season is here, and for me that means more photo shoots, events and gettogethers where I want to look a bit extra glam. In this post, I will share three easy styling tips for the hair.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Elnett and some of you might be more familiar with it than others, but I’ve personally used it and loved it for many years. It is the perfect everyday/ every look hairspray, because the formula is very lightweight, has a nice scent and doesn’t leave the hair sticky, hard or feeling dry. (Inside information alert! Elnett hairspray, is also one of those products that most hair stylist always have in their work kit at photo shoots/back stage)

Anyways, I will now demonstrate three easy hairdos and the products that were used when I got pampered a couple weeks back. Best of all is that I wanted to get hairdos that can be made three days in a row, because my hair has most volume when it’s newly washed and blow-dried and stays up better after a day or two.

The day started at 10 am at hair salon Blend and let me just say that I love when I get to be part of photo shoots that are arranged by someone else but myself and Juuli. Breakfast at set and the possibility to only focus on being in front of the camera is pure joy. Usually, I’m all over the place ironing, checking the hair and makeup and going through briefs, while trying to coordinate everything at once, hehe.

The first look Style is all about volume. I love volume and feel at my best when my hair is fluffy and big. For maximized volume with a soft feel, we used Elnett Extravagant Volume. I love that my hair moves naturally while it looks thick and full!

For the second day look we wanted to create an Unstyled look that’s still festive and fun. We just brushed out the hair and used a flat iron and styled it with a simple necklace that can of course be any necklace. I really loved this idea, since it’s just a more glamorous version of the tucked in turtle neck hairdo ;). For this look, we used Elnett Precious Oil hairspray. Perfect for dry hair and ends since it contains argon oil and is suitable for blow-drying and hot styling tools.

Last but not least, day three: Restyle. Day three is a hair up must for me. My hair has strong whirls, therefore the dirtier my hair gets, the stronger the whirl in the back of my head shows. Whenever I put my hair up and want a strong hold, I always spray all over my hair first, and then I brush it all back and style it. This way, I get all of my baby hair in place and the hairdo looks sleek and polished. For this last look, my hairstylist of the day Laura created a very festive up-do by using Elnett Extra Strong hairspray. The formula has a very strong hold but doesn’t make the hair hard or wet looking. By the end of the day, my hair still felt natural and soft and was easy to brush out. 

Wishing you nothing but good hair days for the upcoming party season!

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä