No plans plan

Fashion,25 June 2019

Pictures from one morning in my hotel room wearing my wildest swimsuit without knowing where, when or if I would leave the hotel room at all that day. I had no plans and nowhere to be at. Just going with the flow. That feeling describes today’s mood except that I’m responsible for my children’s entertainment, which of course is a full-time job during summer :P.

Speaking of children, I really have to say that this year’s family vacation was completely different from last year. It’s getting easier one baby step at a time. And guess what? I was even able to write some emails on the train on the way to the cottage. That was a time stopping realization for me. It only required lollipops, a slide and some cartoons, but I seriously think I got 15 minutes in complete silence. That has never happened before. So, what I wanted to say is that it must be true what they say. These years pass faster than we can imagine. It really hit me a few weeks ago, how much easier and smoother everything has gotten lately.

Now, I’ll return to chilling and working on my own little summer house projects while I solve arguments, play and spend time with my kiddos.

swimsuit Daisy Grace

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä

Third Drop “souvenirs from the sea”

Fashion,24 June 2019

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Gauhar Helsinki:n kanssa// In paid collaboration with Gauhar Helsinki

The inspiration for this summer collection was born from the need to relax, find my way back to mindfulness and my uncurbable craving for vacation.

When I let my mind wander to my happy place, I think about the meditative sound of the ocean, my children picking seashells at the beach, but also the feeling of warm skin all dressed up for dinner, enjoying that first colorful drink or almost frosty glass of wine in the golden light of sunset. All of these feelings and imaginary visions are the inspiration for these pieces I’ve designed. I wanted to make my vacation dream mind- map tangible, because for me, these pieces now represent all of that.

This collection holds three pieces available now both online and in store. The third piece will arrive later and works simply by itself or as a layering piece in addition to the Cross-Barred Venus Chained necklace or any other pieces you treasure.

View and shop the collection here!

Pictures: Janita Autio