Dare to go mini

Fashion,28 June 2019

Almost one week here in the middle of nowhere. I’ve done well, but booked a doctor’s appointment, work, dinner and drinks for next week back in the city. It will only be a short visit but maximized. And, I’m coming alone. Maybe I’ll go out and dance a bit as well while I’m on it?! Just kidding, I really almost never dance unless it’s ballet or at home, but dinner and drinks would be fun :). I’ve missed my bestie and friends in general!

These pictures taken earlier this summer is the reason why I neeeed these sneakers! I borrowed them from my friend and now I just can’t get over how much I need them in my life. They are perfect paired with a mini dress or skirt don’t you agree? I’m also glad I found this perfect Andiata blazer hanging in my wardrobe. I’m considering to cut the trousers that go with the blazer into a pair of relaxed shorts. Maybe I’ll ask my tailor first and see what she says.

What are you up to this weekend?

Have you listened to Avicii, TIM? If not, do so. Love it!

blazer andiata// dress realisation par// sneakers adidas// bag chanel// sunglasses ray ban

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä

Today’s WANT

Fashion,27 June 2019

Postaus sisältää mainoslinkkejä// Post includes adlinks

Why is it that after a few slow days at the cottage I start craving shopping? It happens every time and must be related to how I look and dress while I live here all throughout summer ;). Today’s cravings are these perfect Adidas Falcon sneakers in mixed whites. I already have these in another color combination, but since they are heavenly to walk in, I could use another pair…To be continued ;)

Link to shoes here!