Against the odds

Fashion,29 April 2019

Some days, activities and moments have all the right ingredients to become a success, but sometimes, against all odds they fail. This feeling describes this weekend. We did nice things and I of course loved being with the family, but I felt emotionally exhausted, low, anxious and disconnected. It’s my worst feeling because no matter how hard I try I can’t enjoy it. I hope this low I’m in will pass fast, because although I have about a month left before the load gets easier, it’s my busiest and most pressured month this year. I need to find strength, but today, right now it feels difficult. I don’t want to complain, but I know you appreciate when I share some of my reality as well. Or at least I hope you do…

Feels kind of strange to mix outfit pictures with writing that isn’t as light and cheerful, but I guess that’s life, and nothing describes me as well as that intermix. Now, it’s time for me to force myself out to get fresh air and collect some new freckles. See you tomorrow!

blazer tiger of sweden// knit stylein// skirt soft goat// boots zara// bag chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

PJ party

Fashion,25 April 2019

Postaus sisältää mainoslinkkejä// Post includes adlinks

Good morning and greetings from up in the air, flying towards Stockholm. I’m shooting a campaign there all day today but hoping to take a little twirl downtown before flying home tonight. I’m maximizing my time by taking care of emails on the go and I even arranged a spontaneous and coincidental date with an old friend of mine for the return flight tonight. Social media can be convenient when you spot friends here and there around the world ;).

This pajama set by ByMalina is a souvenir from my last visit to Stockholm. It’s quite wild and crazy for me with its bright colors and big pattern, but it’s good to push oneself out of the comfort zone every now and then and paired with neutrals it becomes calmer. As you now, I love daytime and party pajamas and think it’s the perfect option for everyone who don’t feel comfortable in traditional party dresses. It’s easy to dress up or down and never goes by unnoticed. It’s comfortable and easygoing but always leaves an impact. There are many options when it comes to pajamas. If you want it to be dressier, I suggest you go for a kimono jacket and wide trousers in a festive and luxurious material. I prefer the trousers to be without an elastic waist, but this is of course a matter of individual preferences.

Find the one I’m wearing here!

set bymalina// coat nanso// sunglasses ray ban// bag chanel

Pictures by Mona Visuri