Mini miny my dress

Fashion,20 March 2019

Is it ok to have popcorn for lunch today? Maybe not, but since I quit sugar (Monday ;)), I’ve been craving salt like never before. I’m still in bed dressed in my cashmere robe, trying to listen to video seminars, work on collab posts, browse on Net-A-Porter and complete quizzes. I must have some sort of concentration disability, because I actually get anxiety from doing only one task at a time. I need to jump from one to another to keep it interesting and fresh in my head and my concentration in order.

I thought I’d pass on sharing these pictures because I have toothpaste all over my dress, but then I felt like logging in real quick to say hi. And, since this look goes quite well with the sunny weather we have today (+ I miss that tan), I decided to go for it anyways. This Realisation Par dress is one of my favorites although, it’s extremely short. I wouldn’t wear it bare legged here in Finland, but as soon as I leave the country and my alter ego takes over, I all of a sudden can’t come up with a single reason why short isn’t a good idea?!

Shine on loves!

dress realisation par// bag zara// sunglasses ray ban// sandals hermes

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

Signs of spring: TRENCH

Fashion,19 March 2019

Postaus sisältää mainoslinkkejä// Post includes adlinks

Yesterday new courses kicked off at school so from now on, I’ll be busy taking part of lectures and group projects during the weeks. After school, I hang out with the kids for an hour or so before I headed towards Holiday for a preview of H&M studio collection coming out on Thursday. And, because I have good friends and loads of determination (at least every Monday hehe) I Ubered home before dessert to get a relaxing and refreshing evening walk in before going to bed. I think it’s so good to air things out before going to bed, so talking to a close friend or exercising together is a winning recipe- at least for me.

During my walk to the restaurant Holiday yesterday it felt like spring again. I walked in heels, the streets were dry, and I even heard birds singing. This outfit is what I wore to the event and I have to say I adore these leather culottes. The fit is pure perfection! New wardrobe favorites for sure!

Anyhow, Today is all about the kids. First, we’re having development discussions at daycare, then dentist appointments and then we are taking the kids for a swim.

Wishing you a lovely Tuesday!  

trench and leather pants ivy&oak// silk blouse andiata// necklaces from the top 1saintavenue, thomas sabo, alighieri// shoes zara// bag dior// sunglasses ray ban

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä