Lack of something

Outfit,26 October 2018

This week, I’ve spent a lot of time at home studying. I’ve read book after book and written essays about my learnings. I’ve only been eating crap and during my study breaks, I’ve found myself admiring other people’s glamorous lives on Instagram. Although I know how life looks in reality, I still find myself trapped in believing that other people’s lives are somehow better than my own. Then I ask myself, what more do I want in life that I don’t already have. What is better? The fact that I have chosen to stay home focusing on something I want to proceed should be luxury enough, no?

However, I know one thing I’d like to have loads of; time. Time is the most valuable thing in my life, yet it disappears as soon as I start planning how to spend it. It’s comparable to getting a salary once a month. You sit down with all that time in the beginning of the month, and as soon as you start making plans of what to do with it there’s nothing left. Right now, I’m doing all the things I love; spend time with my kids, work, study, exercise and I finally have a social life that’s more active than in a while, but I constantly feel bad and like nothing I do is enough. Anyone else who feels like this? Feeling like this has made me understand why all” grown-ups” say it’s best to study first, before starting a family. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do everything at once, but it would make everything a lot easier. I’ve become one of those now. Not that easy is always better, but what I find problematic is that I often feel I can’t enjoy my life enough. I simply don’t have the time to enjoy each moment because I’m too worried about what I’m not doing while doing that other thing. Sorry for confusing you, but I’m just sharing my thoughts.

Wishing all of you a lovely weekend!

cashmere set Balmuir

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

It’s a wonderful world

personal,23 October 2018

Today, I’m writing about the topic you’ve requested: My opinion and actions towards a more sustainable future.

This topic has been all around us lately. My take on this, is only based on my own thoughts, since I don’t possess enough facts and knowledge in this subject.

Many influencers have already spoken up about how their point of view about the work that we do and whether it’s responsible or not. I want to think, that nothing is black and white and that we can’t judge an entire industry the same.

My work involves to inspire, motivate, spread joy, encourage to find both inner and outer confidence and to bring happiness and hope for likeminded who share the same interest as I do. My work also includes responsibility towards my followers and towards the world we live in. I also work with product testing and recommendations and commercials that either directly or indirectly encourages to consume. I take my responsibility and work seriously.

As an influencer, I think it’s important to think about the message we send out. I want to be honest and transparent in the work that I do, but it is my work- which I think I make very clear. I also have a private life that separates from my work, although you get small glimpses of it.

I want you to know, that I am very proud of my work and the entire industry I’m part of. It’s a new era, where everyone has a chance to share what one wants to share. This industry connects people and gives young and driven entrepreneurs all the space and success they/we deserve. It’s the first time ever this possibility exists and everyone in the Western world (no matter the background) has the possibility to do this. The fact that so many young women are on top of the game is just icing on top of the cake. We found something that interests other women, so we made it a business that exploded into a success. I also think, that it’s important to have all sort of influencers, provocateurs even. Being politically correct all the time is one way to go but having young people who dare to put out raw thoughts that aren’t always so politically correct is good as well. At least to some extent, because I’m sure there are others who at least thinks the same but can’t share it with anyone because it’s considered “wrong”. Discussion is good and so is seeing a wider perspective of things.

Along with Influencers, there has opened up even more work opportunities for others since influencers need other people like photographers, technical support, editors, stylists, assistants, agents etc.

So, before I start to talk about our responsibility towards our wonderful world we all cherish and want to keep alive, I feel the need to say, that I won’t let anyone disrespect the work we do. So many influencers do so much good and reaches out to specific audiences. Influencers can educate, offer support, give hope and help and most of all inspire.

Since Influencers have big followings and reaches big audiences just as big companies do, we need to be responsible for our output. Everyone has to step up in one way or another, but I don’t think it has to be related to what business we work in. Yes, it is more morally ok to travel somewhere to save lives than to see fashion shows, but I think we need both. EDIT: I’m not comparing these two (obviously), but I think saving lives isn’t the only reason to travel nor the only thing we can spend our time doing. We can always compare everything to more important and critical things, but it’s not realistic to do so.

I think we need entertainment and everyday joy just as much as we need food because without feeling happy and good, why live? And when it comes to interests it’s something we can’t argue about. Some people travel to eat good food, some to visit art exhibitions, some to see a concert or football game and some for fashion.

Do we become happy by consuming? no. That happiness is connected to consuming is not the message I want to deliver in my work as an influencer, but fashion is an interest of mine and my work is my passion, therefore it makes me happy. I feel happiness from doing things I love, and my days feel more joyful when I spend time with people I like, when I am creative, when I communicate with others, when I develop and learn and when I accomplish personal goals. We also have to make a living and we can’t all save lives, so let’s accept that all sorts of occupations are important in our society, in one way or another.

I can’t save the world myself and I’m not putting all my time and energy in doing that either. I live my life the best I can, but I really try to be responsible in my choices without compromising the quality of my, and my children’s lives, today. I walk almost everywhere I go and so does my children. I would never drive around downtown, and I rarely use public transportation. What I find very important is to teach our children about how to take care of our nature and what impact our choices have. My kids are very aware I think. I travel within my work and I’m not willing to give that up because it increases my life quality a lot. I also want to show my children the world and find that very important. However, I try to be responsible and not travel more than once per year just for pleasure. Instead, we spend our holidays at the cottage.

We recycle our trash and our clothes. I sell clothes and donate to charity continuously. I rarely eat meat and try to minimize our food spillage. I use a period cup. Although I’m drowning in new clothes and feature new stuff all the time, I return them to showrooms and shops after shooting, because I’ve learned that we don’t need to own everything we like. I also expect that you, my very intelligent and lovely followers to carry your own responsibility to understand that I’m just offering choices. I’m not encouraging anyone to buy everything you see. I try to buy less and less myself, and I’ve basically built our entire home with recycled interior design. When it comes to my children, I rarely buy them anything new, unless they really need it and wish for something specific. I prefer wooden toys over plastic and try to minimize plastic in general as much as possible.

When it comes to my collaborating partners I choose them with love, time and consideration. I always want to support Finnish brands, but also brands that are working hard towards being more sustainable and responsible. I want diversity in price point so that there is something for everyone. And lastly, I think it’s important to consume. We just need to think over what we want to support with our choices. Everyone needs money, both individuals and the society. We just need to be aware of our choices, because I think it’s all about choices. Most of us might be willing to give something up over something else, but we need to do something!

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä