How to express your personal style at work?

Fashion,Outfit,22 August 2018

This is a business look I put together for a collaboration post with one of my partners KappAhl. I love classic pieces that are easy to wear and style in different ways. However, I like the outfit to express who I am and my personal sense of style. Style for me is so important because it instantly tell something about us to everyone we meet. This look is playful and relaxed, although it’s conservative and appropriate at the same time.

I don’t know what it is, but I love culottes paired with heels. So many of us have nice ankles, so why shouldn’t we show them off?! Culottes expose just the right amount of skin, making the outfit feel feminine and more like myself.

I also wanted to show you three different ways to wear the simplest white shirt, depending on your work environment and mood. Wear it tucked in all the way for meetings with clients and strict environments, half and half for casual Friday and knotted for after work ;).

clothes, scrunchie and earrings kappahl (borrowed)// shoes pura lopez// necklaces thomas sabo (gifted)

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

Together, together, that’s how it must be

Fashion,Outfit,21 August 2018

Last spring, I updated my wardrobe with the most perfect beige coat. It met all my wishes and demands; loose fit, relaxed, perfect tone of beige and made every outfit look effortlessly chic. I loved/ love it so much, I couldn’t resist this exact same coat but in this gorgeous duvet blue. This coat is the perfect coat for early signs of fall. It’s soft and kind and this beautiful shade of blue complement my freckly cheeks and lighter outfits.

Sometimes, the most materialistic and small things become so important when the mood feels darker than usual and worry creeps up on us out of nowhere. That’s why I think it’s so important not to belittle all the” smaller joy’s in life” that cheer us up. Even just to distract us from our own thoughts for a moment

coat andiata (borrowed)// jeans levis// shoes mango