What to wear for fashion week?

Fashion,Outfit,27 August 2018

Stress and excitement are the words of the day. I’m leaving for Stockholm fashion week tomorrow and I still have no clue what to wear and it goes without saying I haven’t even started packing. Do you like to see content from fashion week? I love street style fashion, the pulse and level of energy that comes with fashion week, but I’m not a fan of the fashion hierarchy and over the top styles people wear to get noticed. Getting noticed and photographed means publicity-which means more followers. Crazy creations get noticed for sure, but I think fashion should be all about expressing ourselves and who we are. That’s where I think the focus should be, and not trying to prove that you are aware of the hottest trends. Style is so important, since we all get dressed every day. Or at least most of us do.

That’s the reason I’m staying somewhat calm.  I’m going to pack my regular clothes, but I’m taking advantage of the situation to pack my sexiest shoes, since I know I won’t be walking anywhere ;).

cardigan ganni// top kappahl// jeans anine bing// shoes zara// bag chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

News flash

Fashion,Outfit,25 August 2018

Shocking news!  Leopard is hot for fall. Surprised? Not so much. Every fall, this classic and neutral toned animal print is the it-print of the season. I love it, especially paired with navy blue, grey or beige. This time, I wanted to make it a bit lighter by wearing it with a tied linen shirt. It was a hot day, so wearing a knit wasn’t an option.

This weekend is THE weekend we’ve been waiting for all summer. My aunt is getting married! Now my daughter has a fever and a sore throat, so I guess we have to cancel our plans since I’m alone with the kids. That’s only life I guess, but I’m really sad to miss this important day. Luckily, Greta’s godmother came by and gave her lots of  new Frozen stickers, so at least we’ll have a fun afternoon at home.

shirt kappahl// skirt ganni// necklace alighieri jewelry// shoes zara// bag chanel