PJ’s and hair loss

hair,personal,22 January 2018

Spent most of this weekend in my PJ’s. I haven’t felt like myself ever since I had the stomach flu and also, I realized I’ve lost a ton of hair lately. Might have something to do with changing hormone levels after breast feeding or the fact that I haven’t taken my vitamins in a while? I’ve lost hair like this once before when I worked myself to the point of exhaustion in Japan ten years ago. It never recovered, but now I’ve lost even more. It’s not as obvious as right after pregnancy when the shower clogs up and you literally see the hair coming off. It’s more like I don’t get any new ones and it just mystically disappears. It’s a superficial issue that has roots in something I quite can’t figure out right now. For the first time in a while I can’t even blame stress. Unless, it’s reacting on delay. Anyone with knowledge or similar experiences about this?

However, I can’t do anything about it right now and stressing about it certainly won’t help, but I’m not joking when I say my ponytail is the size of one finger. Something has happened. Do you know if any hair strengthening supplement is helpful?

Anyways, school started today and I’m excited to roll up my sleeves again. Feels really good actually. It gives me balance and structure and I enjoy working in my own little bubble and overcome barriers I’ve built for myself. I think I’m always going to study in one way or another. Hoping to take more creative courses in the future as well. Painting would be wonderful and super therapeutic. Definitely goals for the future!

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


Fashion,Outfit,19 January 2018

I know I’m not alone doing a wardrobe inventory in January. I’ve booked an entire month at Relove in March, hoping I’ll get rid of everything I haven’t worn in a while. I’m a master at getting rid of stuff, yet I never manage to achieve those airy shelves and closets.

What I know is that quality is everything! I’m tired of buying knits that look good for a couple of weeks. I’d rather pay much more for something that looks perfect for years. Especially those basic pieces that define my everyday style, saves me time and helps me stay away from big time fashion failures that makes me feel uncomfortable.

One of my favorite Finnish brands Andiata have released their Andiata basics collection that helps us build that perfect base. Actually, basics are pretty much everything a woman needs, but what we want is a different story. If you like me want to build that interesting personal style you can keep on building on that base with seasonal pieces. A classic cashmere knit or silk blouse worn with a leather skirt (or patent leather for us daredevils) or pants is a good example of that. Never boring, but subtle in a stylish and up-to-date way.

This silk blouse I’m wearing is actually a perfect example of high quality, and I’m not just saying that. I have many silk blouses quite similar to this one, but what makes this so amazing is that it doesn’t require ironing! I wash it in the washing machine and it comes out perfect. So, from now on the only blouse I need is this one.

This suite is also perfect due to its versatility. Mostly, I wear these pieces separately. I pair the jacket with light blue denim and a fun tee. It gives me a sharp everyday look and never loses its shape. Super important! However, I now know exactly what I’ll be wearing at the next event. This tuxedo is for sure my new power suit.

Check out the Basics collection here!

Pictures by Mona Salminen