Happy new year!!!

personal,31 December 2017

A new year filled with new opportunities. Promising not to promise anything, because that has proved to be unfruitful, at least in my life. I have goals yes, but I let life take me wherever it wants to take me, organically. Do you have something on your to-do list for 2018? I have some things I want to keep reminding myself of, but also some points I’m ready to leave behind. Here is my list:

Authenticity. Let’s agree that more authenticity is trending, but also much welcomed within social media. I for sure know I’ve seen enough marble trays, foamed latte hearts in-between white sheets in the middle of the day and legs uncomfortably help up high dressed in hotel robes. Not to even mention all the butt pictures (facepalm). I am no better myself, therefore I want to keep this in mind and opt for more authentic pictures in my channels. Maybe more Insta stories as well?

I would love to get more involved and hands on within charity work. I’d love to support young women/ teenage girls. It’s always been close to my heart to help women which also was the main reason I studied to become a health coach. Health and well-being for women is an area that interest me.

Me too! Best thing that happened year 2017!!! However, it’s important not to think it’s all done and dusted. This is just the beginning and we need to all remember this in our own thoughts, how we talk about sexual harassment, react and the actions we take. Speak up either there and then if you can (practice will make you react faster and more confident), but also later is perfectly fine. Why protect someone who’s done wrong? Let’s do it at least for our children.

Sugar! Why do I have to repeat myself year after year and week after week? I should have good self-control, but apparently I’m lacking it when I need it the most. I need to cut down drastically! New try next year because I refuse to give up on this one.

Period cup. Are you familiar with it? I’ve been trying to make it work and will continue. You can buy them at the Pharmacy and it’s the most environmentally friendly, economic and clean way to get through your period. It takes some time to learn and make it work properly, but it’s really clean and simple. You need only one cup and it costs around 30 euros. Highly recommend giving it a try!

Chill with the interior. Honestly, my kids, hubby and most likely even the dog get more or less anxiety when I constantly rearrange the home. Maybe it’s time to sit back and be less critical. Everything is good as it is. (Not promising anything hubby, so don’t get rid of your drill ;))

Dare to negotiate more! Know your worth and dare to ask for a salary you feel worthy of (or will push and motivate you to achieve even better results). Reminder to myself to stay strong and not agree for anything less. Yup, sorrybutnotsorry.

Positive affirmations. Cliché, but I know I need it. I need to surround myself with positive energy and people. I’m sensitive to moods and atmosphere, hence I’m easily brought down by negative vibes and people.

Pictures by Janita Autio

Twinset lace

Fashion,Outfit,29 December 2017

When I was a teenager I remember asking my dad if I could wear sweats for dinner. He made it clear that on Christmas Eve we clean up and dress nicely. I couldn’t agree more, since I think we have more than enough quick and lazy dinners in this family as it is. Everything feels a little bit more special by a beautiful table with people who’s seen a little bit more effort than on regular days.

This dreamy lace dress is by Twinset and can be found here! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been wearing a few other pieces by this Italian brand lately. I love to familiar myself with new brands and Twinset is perfect especially for party wear, but also for colorful spring/summer pieces. I just want to give a heads up because this brand was kind of unfamiliar to me until last spring. This dress is a dream come true all in one and I’m thinking if it would be way too over the top to celebrate my birthday in? Please say it wouldn’t  ;)! What better way to turn 30 than by having a Carrie Bradshaw moment?

dress twinset// shoes louboutin// earrings chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä