love and care for hair

hair,30 November 2017

Just visited the hairdresser which made me think of the most obvious considering the surrounding- hair. I recently took part in a short interview about my hair philosophy where I shared my tips as well as my everyday hair sins.

I love hair and find good looking hair to be hard work and extremely unpredictable. You never know what you have to work with in the morning. I like my hair long and “airy”. It has to be wild and carefree. Just a parting too perfect makes me uncomfortable. I wish my face would look cute in a short bob. It doesn’t. I’m a bit obsessed with short hair because It’s like wearing a great outfit day after day, as it is a cool statement factor by its own.

My own hair philosophy is that hair should get lots of love and attention. Spoil yourself with hair masks, beautiful hairdos on a regular day or a fabulous blowout before that special event. I love natural shades that look fresh, therefore I try to visit the hairdresser a couple times per year. The difference is almost not visible, but it makes my skin tone look better as well as everything I wear. I’m already doing an ok job, but as always, I’m far from perfect and have a few lessons to learn.

Some random good and bad facts about my haircare routine:

I ran out of heat protection about two years ago and haven’t used any since.

I always use my straightening irons at full heat.

I sometimes skip the conditioner when I’m in a hurry.

I should really be more innovative with my hair. I always style it the exact same way. 

I try to wash my hair no more than twice a week. 

I use great products of high quality.

I have found a hairdresser that is irreplaceable and whom I trust. 

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä// dress by Philosophy Blues Original

relax it’s Monday

Fashion,Health,Motherhood,Outfit,27 November 2017

Starting this week slowly and in the best way possible. Been single parenting for a week and today my other half is finally back. I’ve handled everything well and that I’m proud of. Being able to study, work and perform well at home is a handful, but sometimes manageable, it seems. Strict rules and routines for both me and the kids is what keeps us all sane. Here is a list of short and easy tips I try to follow to stay organized:

Set a bedtime. Not only for the kids, but most importantly for yourself. My bedtime is 10 pm sharp. By then I have to be in bed. Although, I allow myself to scroll through Instagram, read or listen to a podcast for fifteen minutes or so.

Make lists. Every night I make a list of my most important to- dos for the next day.

Focus. When it’s time to complete the tasks of the day I turn off everything. I don’t look at my phone and try to focus on what I need to be focusing on whether it’s school work, emails, blog or accounting.

Time off. When you’ve planned to be off mode, do so. I work when my kids are at daycare and with the nanny. When I pick them up I cook, play and try to be present. Of course, I also take care of chores at home, but I don’t work. When the kids are asleep for the night I open my lap-top and check off some more of my tasks for the day, but only for an hour or so.

Go out and invite friends over. Isolation is not my thing. I go crazy if I sit home for an entire day with the kids. No matter how tired or unsocial I feel I force myself to get out. Jumping in puddles, visit the library, shop groceries or invite to playdates. I love inviting friends over, but I have a rule not to put pressure on myself to clean before. No-one cares if it’s perfect or not. It never is anyways.

Minimize pressure. If life gets overwhelming I always downgrade and simplify. I choose to lower the standards and demands. When I’m alone I concentrate on the kids and try to work less. Luxury of being my own boss and an entrepreneur I know, but I let myself recharge and then I work twice as hard and much when I feel I can. When I have an exam week I order food or cook in larger batches and let the kids watch a movie. No-one is at their best hundred percent of the time. Good enough has to be and is good enough at times.

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