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Fashion,Outfit,27 September 2017

Yesterdays sicko look here you go. I heard myself brag away to my sister a couple days ago about how I never get sick. When will I learn bragging is an ugly habit that always comes back to slap me in the face? Enjoy your achievements and good flow yes, but don’t brag around all over tow! Anyhow, I have a cactus in my throat and my energy level is at the bottom. I definitely don’t have any room for that in my calendar right now, so now I’m pretty much pretending to feel normal.

Yesterday I only did half of the things I was supposed to do. Instead, me and my family drove back to my childhood hoods for some nostalgic grocery shopping. We do that sometimes. Just for the fun of it and mostly because I think it’s so cozy to pretend I’m a kid again.

Let this look work as a reminder of  the fact that good shoes always manage to save even the worst face day.
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Pictures by Didem 

into the wild

Fashion,Outfit,26 September 2017

*Post in collaboration with Marita Huurinainen/Kaupallinen yhteistyö Marita Huurinaisen kanssa


Let’s step into the world of art, craftsmanship, ethical values, history and in this case all of these combined, fashion. Marita Huurinainen is as you may know a brand I’ve been admiring and working with for some time already. Finnish fashion and entrepreneurship and especially women interest me, therefore I love to not only show my support with my personal choices, but also enlighten you about brands I love.

I have already talked about the story behind Marita Huurinainen here so this time I won’t go into depth about that. Instead, I suggest for you to visit their newly opened shop, showroom, office and creative space based in Galleria Esplanade. Marita Huurinainen is an artist who fills me with artistic inspiration as well as business knowledge. Every line she draws is art and the beautiful thoughts behind the clothes she makes, makes me realize anything is possible.

Huurinainen says “there are hundreds of thousands raccoon dogs killed yearly for conservational reasons. Most of the times those are left in the forest as waste. It is also common to leave the skin of a killed moose corps behind. I want to show my respect towards the animal by understanding it’s value and show the respect it deserves.”img_7880 img_7944

The shop is not just an ordinary shop. It is filled with different forms of artwork. Everything is made by Huurinainen herself, the clothes, art, interior and store design. It’s like a piece of the Finnish forrest that offers a different kind of shopping experience combined with the opportunity to sit down, take a break and get behind the scenes of how it all comes to life.img_7909img_7928 img_7950 img_7974

My favorite pieces are the wild furs. The use of color, playfulness in design and use of natural materials combined with ethical values is a winning concept I like. However, Marita Huurinainen make so many beautiful designs in all kinds of materials like silk, linen, leather, wool and cotton. She also makes costume made designs and everything happens in the combined space placed on the second floor at Galleria Esplanade. img_7948img_7955Moni teistä tietääkin, että olen ihaillen tehnyt yhteistyötä Marita Huurinaisen kanssa jo pidemmän aikaa. Huurinaisen taito yhdistää taidetta, eettistä arvomaailmaa ja muotia on mielestäni kiehtovaa ja kaunista. Koska itse käytän paljon suomalaista muotia, haluan nostaa lempisuunnittelijoitani esiin myös blogissani.

Marita Huurinaisen uusi liike sijaitsee Galleria Esplanadin toisessa kerroksessa. Liike ei ole ihan tavallinen liike vaan tarjoaa kauniiden vaatteiden lisäksi mahdollisuuden istahtaa hetkeksi, ihailla taidetta ja suomalaista sisustusta sekä tavata itse suunnittelija.

Liikkeen elementit ja sisustus ovat kaikki Huurinaisen käsialaa ja suuri osa on tehty koivusta. Liikeeseen astuttessani minulle tuli mielikuva siitä, että olin tullut metsään, jonka keskellä on nuotio. Liike toimii myös showroomina, suunnittelijan luovana tilana sekä toimistona. Tervetuola nauttimaan!

Lue lisää Marita Huurinaisesta ja hänen aatemaailmastaan tästä!


Pictures by Juuli Rönkä