Fashion,Outfit,23 July 2017

I’ve been more or less on off- duty mode for weeks now and I have to say this summer vacation has been everything I wished for and more. Lazy days and being together. So simple and perfect. Although I love working and focusing on projects and my own “stuff”, nothing in the world beats family life. I could live like this forever.

Right now I obsess over a few things that I strongly relate to summer. The smell of warm sun lotion, happy and fast bruised children’s legs, freckles, late sunsets, breezes from the sea, forgetting I even have a phone, being closer to nature and animals and taking time to visit friends. Right now everything feels pretty ok and all my troubles seem so far away ;). May these moments stay a little longer please! Creating memories for our children does all of us a favor. Pretty much double exhaling at the moment. How are you doing?

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knit hunky dory// bikini briefs monki (gifted)

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

For the sake of love

Uncategorized,21 July 2017

A few days ago I asked a colleague of mine if she wanted to go for a little photo shoot with me. I had found this dress that inspired me to take some pictures in the softest sunlight. Actually, this gorgeous cotton dress by Isabel Marant is almost a copy of my mothers wedding dress. High neck, long sleeves, cotton and my weak spot; dots.

It’s been five years today since I walked down the aisle myself. I’m so proud of where we are today and what we built together. Purpose. Happy anniversary to us my love!

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Dress Isabel Marant

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä