Style nostalgia

Uncategorized,26 May 2017

Wow. Woke up at 11.15 today and the best part is that I don’t even feel bad nor do I have a headache. Had a rough night of sleep and took my chance to sleep in instead. Can’t remember the last time I slept this late (especially on a weekday). Waking up all by myself in a completely quiet home felt strange but quite nice at the same time.

Like it isn’t nostalgic enough this combination of light blue denim paired with a white top gives me teenage years flashbacks. I pretty much never wore black. Instead pastels mixed and matched and cuter than cute tops worn with jeans and heels was my look- good uniform. Baby doll cuts, tube tops and bootcut jeans were hotter than ever, but in school a more preppy style ruled. Light pink and lilac shirts from Benetton, pashmina shawls secretly borrowed from mum and of course Miss Sixty jeans. Anyone with me?

This look is an updated version of what I wore in high school.Luckily a bit looser and relaxed and a lot less bling ;). What’s your high school style memory?

sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3082 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3093 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3076 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3101 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3087 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3089 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3094

shirt stylein// jeans gina tricot// shoes sarenza// bag chanel// sunglasses gucci (gifted)

Pictures by Dora Dalila

girl and the city

Uncategorized,24 May 2017
sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3118 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3112 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3106 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3108 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3127 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3105 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3116 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3131 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3125 sofia-ruutu-ootd20170524_3122

jacket mission// tee andiata// skirt hm// shoes sarenza (gifted)

Last night me and my little family touched the ground here in Helsinki after a week well spent on Mallorca. It’s one year ago since I’ve been anywhere warm so this vacation was well needed. We had a wonderful trip and for the first time in years I felt a little bit resistant about coming home. One more week would have been perfect.

However, as the true downtown girl that I am it didn’t take me long to get back on it. On with my beloved Helsinki tee-shirt, puffy skirt and new favorite heels. A break from all kind of social media and obsessive phone staring/sharing always do me good. It’s like cleaning out old files and make room for new ones. Starting fresh full of inspiration and passion.