Rock the ballet

Outfit,30 January 2017

Okey what just happened? The other day while taking a stroll with he kids my daughter told me to listen to the birds sing. The feeling of spring was real and I pulled out my new ballet inspired white sneakers and took a glimpse at my black down coat wishing the time had come for us to separate. Now it’s literally storming in every direction and I feel ridiculous for being so naive.

Snow storm or not, the day has come when I get to celebrate  my 29th birthday. I feel tired but happy and realize how lucky and grateful I am for this past year. Having two small children keeps me feel alive everyday and no day is like the other. Today I get to enjoy a pampering facial before I sit down and enjoy a nice dinner with my husband. Just the two of us. Oh how I’ve waited!

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coat filippa k (gifted)// cardigan acne// jeans monki// shoes puma (gifted)// sunglasses rayban

Pictures by Dora Dalila

American woman

Fashion,Outfit,26 January 2017
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top gina tricot// scarf marimekko// jeans monki/ shoes louboutin

I am completely obsessed with this location. Brings me back to my early morning breakfast before school while living in North America. Fluffy pancakes with maple syrup and egg white omelets. Preferably in that specific order. The coffee was always really bad, but that was part of the charm I guess. My life there was life changing in so many ways. Living abroad is eye opening in ways you don’t even realize until years later.

Most importantly, I got two friends I have so special bounds with I know no amount of time or distance can break or ruin. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so close with anyone in such short period of time. All the support, love and understanding showed me what real friendship is. Keeping that standard of friendship with me everyday.

Pictures by Dora Dalila