Bitter beats borning?

Fashion,Outfit,17 January 2017

Bitter beats boring. Really? Didn’t think so either. Bitter must be in the category top 3 things that I actually hate. Jealousy is another one and the word hate itself (I just used the word myself didn’t I?). Terrible feelings difficult to fight and a word so definite and strong it becomes destructive.

Anyhow, to refuse getting bitter and boring I pulled on my on the verge to trashy Gucci boots and this little flirty thing from Designers Remix. Black but not boring at all. Quite fun if I may say it myself :D.

To praise contrasts in life I’m going to spend this day makeup free bundled up in my down coat and Ecco shoes. It’s freezing outside and I was way too cold in my chic wool coat while dropping off Greta to daycare.    Those of you wanting to see more casual outfits like that can click by later this week to see more honestly effortless chill-sweat suit outfits.

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Pictures by Janita Autio

Single lady looking- for- a- hug outfit

Fashion,Outfit,12 January 2017

Even though I’m the worst when it comes to home wear it’s something that can be the biggest pick- me- up.  When at home comfort is key, but there is a big difference between spending the day bra free in pj’s compared to switching into a super soft yet extremely stylish set. Nothing is more luxurious than cashmere, so this oatmeal colored set from Andiata feels almost as fancy as any dressed up fashion forward outfit. Personally, I think this outfit works perfectly fine also outside the home environment. Especially while traveling, at the hotel breakfast, sleepover at a friends house or going to the grocery store near by. By switching slippers into a cool shoe and a nice bag this relaxed leisure wear set turns into a cool street style look that is so soft it attracts hugs from completely strangers (yes I am living proof of that). Maybe something for you single ladies to try while shopping groceries on Friday night ;)? Comfort is the new sexy!

sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_3632 sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_3585 sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_3621 sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_3557 sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_3577sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_3539

Pictures by Janita Autio