Peaceful makeover

Fashion,Outfit,18 December 2016

Basic is always best. This knitted dress from Samsoe&Samsoe has been a hit this fall/winter. Loved pairing it with bare legs and boots, but it works just as well with stockings/ leather pants and a coat. I’m dreaming of a wardrobe filled with clean and airy shelves, therefore I’m doing myself a favor not browsing through the oh so tempting sales. My inner KonMari gives me a feeling of peace.

Ever since we came back from Switzerland I’ve been alone with the kids. We’ve baked gingerbread cookies, visited the christmas market, had their cousin over for two days and successfully turned this home into something that reminds me of a battle field. I haven’t even unpacked everything from our trip yet!

Next week will be spent trying to organize this chaos and create a cozy home for christmas. Also, I’m trying to do the same for myself. Make myself more cozy and lovable ;). Maybe the time has come for me to check into a spa for the first time in approximately two years. Any recommendations?

img_1414 sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_0045-2 sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_0124 img_1416 sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_0067 sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_0055

jacket gina tricot (gifted)// scarf and beanie santosh (gifted)// knit dress samsoe&samsoe (gifted)// shoes zadig& voltaire// bag chanel

Pictures by Janita Autio

Mom jeans

Fashion,Outfit,13 December 2016

I’m a mom, therefore I wear mom jeans? I’ve been kind of unsure whether I like them or not but now I’ve found a pair I really like. This unwashed and straight cut keeps it simple and classy. Maybe I just have to accept that light, washed jeans aren’t meant for me no matter how cool the classic Levis 501 look on others.

It’s weird how our eyes get used to new things. Slowly but surely things I used to almost despise sneaks into my my head and wardrobe and all of a sudden I find myself wearing them everyday. These stretch boots with a chunky heel are my new go-to footwear and I almost can’t imagine myself to pull on those thin spike heels again. Stretch boots paired with mom jeans is a combo I’ll be rocking until it’s time for bare ankles again. How about you?

sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_9972 sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_9954 sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_0014 sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_9893 sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_9996 sofiaruutu_janitaautio_img_9963

coat mango// jeans lindex (gifted)// boots nelly (gifted)// bag & earrings chanel

Pictures by Janita Autio