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personal,25 August 2016


I love gold. Always have. Especially thinner than thin chains around my neck and golden details in my interior. Last week I spray painted some pots and I can highly recommend it. Such an easy and fun way to pimp up small jars and plates for jewelry, candles, fresh herbs etc. (I bought my spray can from K-rauta)


As a person who basically got rid of all my “regular” sheets after purchasing my first set in linen, I am rather surprised for saying this:¬†These sheets are the best sheets I’ve ever slept in. Hotel sheet feeling to the max.


Since I don’t really love any kind of meat and know how much the meat industry stresses our earth I find myself choosing vegetarian options more frequently. In all their simplicity the bolt smoothie and sir pesto sandwich are so delicious, even though very simple to make at home.


While in high school I used to iron my jeans every morning. I still get annoyed with wrinkly clothes, but rarely have the energy or time (aka interest) to iron, therefore my shirts and silky pieces rarely get worn. I finally bough myself a hand steamer and my hopes are high!


Pink is my new favorite color. Or actually it’s always been, but now I’m loving more or less everything in soft pink. I want to go through life feeling like a ballerina. I think my daughter inspired me, since she wants to wear, eat, play and sleep in pink, and pink only.

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Pictures by Janita Autio


Fashion,Outfit,23 August 2016

This week has been so intense already and it’s only Tuesday. Yesterday I shot for a magazine all day, and today I’ve already baked my husband a birthday cake, celebrated with the kids and attended a lovely press event for one of my favorite brands Samsoe&Samsoe. I rarely have the opportunity to attend any press events, but I’m glad I managed to arrange my schedule around this one. It’s always as lovely to meet other bloggers and chit chat about everyday life. Everyone is always so incredibly sweet, kind and if possible even more beautiful than in pictures. Amazing and inspiring colleagues to say the least!

Finally I managed to catch this dress on picture!¬†Surprisingly, this dress is one of my most worn ones. Talk about profitable cost per use. However, I’ve never seen myself as someone who likes pattern, but I have a few exceptions hanging in my wardrobe. This floral dress with long sleeves and the perfect midi length is one of my favorites and has been for a couple of years now.

There is something in this dress that I find very attractive. Somehow, I seem to like flowers on a black base more than on a light one. I guess it’s less cute, therefore less childish even? Perfect dress and pattern for seasons transitioning. Paired with a suede jacket or a long cozy cardigan makes it work perfectly for cooler days and going into darker seasons. Sometimes it’s hard to say or see (not to even mention predict) why certain clothes seem so easy to wear. I even think I’ve worn this more than my favorite white tee-shirt, which at least to me is quite a mystery and weird equation to figure out.

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Pictures by Janita Autio