Fashion,Outfit,25 March 2016
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Easter. What a perfect break in the middle of pre spring chaos. I rarely celebrate with anything else than chocolate binges and family dinners. That’s the charm of it I guess. No monthly long preparations, gifts or other musts. Just some well needed time off spent however we want.

Today I need to continue my wardrobe cleaning, preform a puppet show  for my daughter (with me as the puppet), go for a long walk and shop groceries before it’s time to enjoy an early dinner with family. I might even go all out at slip into this favorite lbd and a pair of heels.

Happy Easter everybody!

Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160226_6893 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160226_6900 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160226_6906 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160226_6892 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160226_6903 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160226_6896

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Pictures by Dora Dalila


Beauty,23 March 2016

Rushing to see a rainbow

All the colors you could imagine

In the sky, where birds fly

Nothing is brighter

Beautiful colors, it is like art

Opportunities to see a rainbow are…

When sun shine and rain come together.

-Helga C.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160302_7426

A few weeks ago we stayed home and played with the light in our living room. When the light hit the chandelier it created the most beautiful spectrum. Sometimes life surprises or disappoints. Let’s reach for the light even when we are lacking both hope and faith and the light seem too far away.

Good or bad, just smile. You have a lot to be thankful for.


rainbowkuvapari2 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160302_7420 rainbowkuvapari1


Pictures by Dora Dalila