Fashion,27 March 2016



Yesterday I went on a little stroll to Suomenlinna. It’s a long time since I payed a visit. I should go more often even if only for a short walk with the kids. It’s charming and time stopping and historical. It was special to be there surrounded by tourists from abroad and other cities.

Stopped for a minute and twirled around on some rocks. After that I went straight back home to be with my children. We spent the rest of the night in the sauna and played hair dresser. Yesterday was a good day.

This one will be too.

MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160326-DSC_0478 MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160326-DSC_0498


MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160326-DSC_0441 MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160326-DSC_0403 MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160326-DSC_0501 MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160326-DSC_0455





Pictures by Matti Keski-Kohtamäki


Black & White

Fashion,26 March 2016
Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160326_7654 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160326_7656 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160323_7646 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160326_7655 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160323_7650

 Things I’m fond of right now:

Plants. Went nuts and basically bought myself a palm tree that I can’t fit anywhere.

Face à la au naturel. For me, the most important thing within the subject beauty is to always always wash my face morning and night. On top of that I am very much in love with a clean and raw face.

Spring cleaning. My household facelift continues…


Black and white pictures. Going towards spring and seeing colors everywhere I need to counterbalance with black and white pictures. 

Chanel rouge noir. Short dark nails. Perfect.

Caitlyn Jenner. Such a great and brave role model. No matter what age you are follow your heart and live on.

Tuu mua vastaan by Chisu.

Pictures by Dora Dalila