Outfit,30 December 2014

Warning! This blog post is everything but positive and happy. If I were you I might just skip the text and look at the pictures instead. Huge problems to say the least ;).

Let’s be honest for a second. I have no inspiration or motivation what so ever to take outfit pictures, dress up or update my blog that is supposed to be all about fashion at the moment. One thing is for sure though, it’s not you it’s me ;). When it’s this cold and slushy I loose all interest in fashion and looking some what decent.

There is only a few hours in the day to capture pictures with enough light and sometimes (like today) it happens to snow wet snowflakes as big as my face during that specific time. There is no chance that I’ll go outside and jump around in my heels at the moment so I thought I’d show you a glimpse of reality instead.

Right now I pretty much only wear outfits like this one below. Ugg boots and huge winter coats are my best friends while my Louboutins collect dust in my closet :/…

IMG_1051 IMG_1054

coat hm studio// jeans tiger// boots ugg// bag chanel// necklace nikolai babitzin

calamijane and thoughts

Outfit,personal,27 December 2014




The weather is absolutely stunning today! I really enjoyed myself while walking with Lilo by the water with the sun shining on my face :).

These days post christmas are the best actually! All the stress is over and the days after are filled with an emptiness and calm like no other time of the year. I use this time to collect my thoughts and to create focus towards the up coming year. I need to set new goals and make new plans on how to achieve them.

Honestly, I am a little afraid to set goals, because I’m so afraid I won’t ever get there. I have come to realize though that I will achieve my goals and make my dreams reality if I dear to say them out loud and work hard enough to get there. It doesn’t matter so much if it takes a little longer than planned because life happens on the way. Most importantly I need goals to focus towards, otherwise I get lost.

It’s also extremely important to take time to look back on the goals already achieved and tap yourself on the shoulder for all the hard work put in to those. What’s the point of working towards something if we don’t take time to enjoy it when we finally get there?

IMG_2316IMG_2323 IMG_2313

knit hm trend// skirt zara// shoes louboutin// bag chanel// watch daniel wellington (gifted)

PS. I have a holiday discount code coming up later today.