personal,28 November 2014

Love is love and there can’t ever be too much love in this world! If you ask me life wouldn’t be worth living without love. Love is my  only goal in life, a dream, a solution, the reason I wake up in the morning, my motivation, the air I breath and my everything. Everybody should have the same right to love no matter the sex . PERIOD.


Casual with fluff

Outfit,27 November 2014

Hey! I just got back home from a long power walk. Other than that I’ve just been home today with Greta, her friend Oscar and his mum. It’s a long time since I’ve taken it as easy as today but it was well needed and super cozy. I have now made Greta a play room where she can play as much as she wants, and where I can work or just hang out with her.  Tomorrow I have a fitting and in the evening we are going to my mums for a pre- christmas party :). I’ll try to remember to snap some pictures tomorrow night. Until then I wish you all a good and relaxing evening <3.


headband uff// parka zara// knit santosh//  jeans levis// boots gucci