Monday blues

Motherhood,Work,27 October 2014

Let’s be completely honest, the weather has been crappy for the past few days and my state of mind matches it perfectly. I am more tired than ever (!) and being alone with a baby who has decided to get up before 4 am lately, doesn’t make it any better. Being a mother is bigger and better then life itself but oh how I miss those teenage years when I could sleep until 2 pm! The sleep quality and depth I had when I was younger was something I know I’ll never experience again. I always say that I don’t have any regrets or things I’d change in my life but now I’d probably tell my 16 year old self to keep on snoozing.

I have now tried every single  method (exempt for letting her cry for long) to get Greta to sleep better but nothing seems to help and she still wakes up with 10-30 minute intervals :/. I know I’ve asked you before but please share all of your great advice, tips and experiences! She is probably going through another phase in her development as well because she also wants to be carried by me all through out the day. Well thank Goodness she’s so cute and my favorite person on earth because I wouldn’t put up with this with anyone else ;).

This picture below is from an amazing “autumn fairy” shoot last Saturday. It was freezing cold but the leaves were so colorful and incredibly beautiful and I felt so much at peace when I got to lay there in a sea of  autumn leaves. I haven’t been able to go for my everyday walks for the past few days and I immediately feel the lack of fresh air and exercise in both my mind and body. I’ll try to get back on track tomorrow!

I’m sorry to start this week of by complaining. I’m sure everything will feel better in a few days :).

Love <3


Picture by Natali Karppinen


amazing find

Outfit,26 October 2014


As I’ve already mentioned HERE I love flea markets. I like the thought of making someone else’s trash into my treasure and give the piece of clothing a second round. I visit one particular flea market weekly and every time I go I usually find something either for me or Greta. This time I found this bcbg max azria coat. I’ve been searching for a coat this length so I’m happy I finally found one at such a good price! I pimped it a little myself and now I just need to find another buckle for the belt. If anyone knows where I can find one please let me know!

The weather outside is everything but charming so after my morning walk I’ve been burning tons of candles while eating  warm and comforting pasta. I love fall and winter but it can be a bit challenging to be outside as much as I’d like when it’s so dark, cold, slippery and wet. Especially if  a girl wants to look nice every once in a while ;).

I’ve already been up for almost twelve hours so I think I’m gonna take a nap now while I still can. Later today we have a playdate scheduled and I also need to get some work done. I hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend so far! Stay warm and enjoy your evening <3.



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