Blue Jeans and condoms

Outfit,31 October 2014


Yesterday was such a lovely day. It’s crazy what a few rays of sunlight can do.
I’m excited for Friday to finally be here because even though weekdays and weekends look pretty much the same to me, I am better at eliminating all the extra fuzz on weekends.

Speaking of weekdays I want to tribute the store Weekdays collaboration with RFSU (the Sweedish Association for Sexuality Education). They have a really cool collaboration going on to encourage a more positive attitude towards buying, carrying and using condoms.
Because Weekday jeans already have a fifth pocket to carry the condom in, it’s the perfect opportunity to buy a new pair of jeans (who wouldn’t like a good excuse   to shop?) :D!

I got to choose a pair of jeans for myself and I’m sporting my new blue denims in these outfit pictures below.

Other than that I just wanted to wish you all a good Friday!


IMG_1065grey top 2IMG_1112IMG_1085IMG_1091IMG_1084 IMG_1099IMG_1101

jeans weekday (gifted)// top zara// shoes coach// bag chanel// ring nikolai babitzin// gina tricot red on nails

Pictures by Erika

Music Power Glory

Outfit,personal,30 October 2014

Is it too early to start listening to christmas music already in October? Music plays a big role in my life in general but right now I can’t stop listening to Michael Buble’s christmas album on spotify;). I love the feeling christmas music bring. Even though I’m not the kind of person to make a big deal out of holidays I have to admit that christmas is pretty special. When I used to travel for modeling I always made sure I was home with my family for christmas.

I always have music on in the background when I’m at home. Right now I’m sitting in my kitchen listening to Coldplay while drinking my morning coffee and reading for Greta. I only listen to mellow music except for when I exercise.When I exercise anything with an up beat rhythm will do ;).

Here are my at the moment favorite artists and albums :

1. Lana Del Rey. Album: Ultraviolence. Favorite track: Money Power Glory

2. Michael Buble’. Album:  Michael Buble’ Meets Madison Square Garden

3. Coldplay. Album: Ghost Stories. Favorite track: Ink

4. Josh Groban.  Album: Josh Groban. Favorite Track: To Where You Are

5. Norah Jones. Album: Turn Me ON

6. Sarah McLachlan. Album: Shine On


vest lolly’s laundry// dress h&m// shoes coach// bag saint laurent

Pictures by Veikko Kähkönen