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How to become a relaxed, nice and lovable person?

Uncategorized,25 September 2014
Haha, that’s what I would like to know (and my husband too, one would think :-))!? I feel like ever since I’ve become a mother I’ve been a stress boll and I have difficulties to wind down at night or whenever I get the chance (doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I totally over consume coffee !?!) . I am constantly on the go, going somewhere, thinking about the next thing on my to do list. And all the things I haven’t done, should be doing and shouldn’t be doing, all at once. I know that I come off as a crazy person :-) every now and then, so I’ve finally decided to take my own advice and do something about it.
All I actually need is a good night of sleep, but since that’s not about to happen anytime soon (probably ever), I’ll have to try to find other things to help me de-stress. Here are my top ten ¬†best advice on how to calm down and de-stress.
1. Nature. Walking or spending time in nature and breathing fresh air is energizing, grounding and calming all at the same time, and it’s also therapeutic.
2. Sauna or hot bath. As a typical and proud finn, I love going to the sauna and luckily we have one in our apartment. It’s the best way to end a hectic day before going to bed with my loved ones.
3. Meditation music. I have, and am obsessed with both meditation and yoga music on spotify. I listen to it at home with Greta, while I clean, study, and during my walks. It’s calming and invites only nice and lovely thoughts.
4. Yoga! I used to practice hot yoga almost every day a few years back when I lived in Ottawa. I loved it so much I actually wanted to become a yoga teacher (I always want to study and master everything I like, so no surprise there really). I really miss the yoga studio and our fantastic and inspiring teacher in Ottawa. It has never been the same here in Finland, but I should really give it a try again, because yoga makes me feel so good and it’s good for both body and mind.
5. Accept failure. I have to really let go and accept that I don’t have the time or energy to do everything I’d like to do, or expect out of myself. My home is never perfect and I cook the same thing everyday, but that’s just how it’s going to be for a while forward so I’d better just accept it.
6. Ask for help. I am a master at this one, because I ask my husband for help constantly. He helps me with my paper work and anything I ask for really, so all I have to do is just keep asking, a lot ;D.
7. Say no without explaining yourself! NO. Period.
8. Go to bed at 10pm every night. I so need it!
9. Shop less- vacate more. Even if it’s jus fort a day or two, but a change of scenery and a getaway from daily tasks is so relaxing. Packing and flying with a child might of course not be the most stress free thing, but when all that is taken care of and survived, it’s so worth it. Traveling is really an investment in so many ways!
10. Focus. Every day when me and Greta participate in activities I always focus on her only. I don’t check my phone or any other devices. This time is usually completely stress free because I don’t think about all the other things on my to do list. I am present and I watch her play and enjoy herself. I am in the moment and I love it. I should adapt this way of thinking into other situations too. I really should.